Pete Petrisko is known for pushing the lines of art and experimentation within his own musical endeavors, like his band RPM Orchestra. For our “Tastemaker’s Ten” series, Petrisko selected some wonderful, and wonderfully strange, tracks that he thinks everyone should know. Pete is currently working on Displaced: An Immersive TheaterRead More →

RPM Orchestra 00

by Brent Miles Contributing Writer One need only look at some of the instruments featured on RPM Orchestra’s latest album to realize this is something different and intriguing from our desert. Hit On All Sixes is a refreshing detour from rote rock and roll. Conductor Pete Petrisko coaxes otherworldly soundsRead More →

Pete Petrisko 01

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Pete Petrisko. I make things and sometimes make things happen.   2. How did you get your start? I first got my start in the late 80s, organizing an art exhibit in downtown Phoenix for painter, and convictedRead More →