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Bonnie and Anna have begun their local music journey together and on this show they play some of their new local favs as well songs that they just really like. Plus, Yungh Garrett throws in a couple of choice cuts as well. Catch Anna + Bonnie host The YabYum Hour every second and fourth Wednesday of the month and, as always, this show’s complete playlist can be found below.,,Read More →

No Volcano “Sad Generator” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp Julez “Lookin’ Through” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp Paper Foxes “Tell Me (How You Feel)” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Mahalia “I Wish I Missed My Ex” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram The Braves “How The Money Rolls In” Facebook –Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Paper Foxes “Pop Confessions” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram La Bête Blooms “Take Arms” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jane N’ The Jungle “Open Road” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Eva et Ménades “Le brouillard de l’alcool” Facebook –Read More →

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Lumberjerk Records is putting out its first compilation, Strait Outta Comp, and it combines two of our favorite things: good music and a good cause. The label, and its forthcoming compilation, are the brainchild of Justin Weir (of Celebrations Guns fame) and features a smorgasbord of Arizona alt- and indie- artists,Read More →

Wyves “Bitch Has Got Problems” The Phoenix four-piece known as Wyves is known for sassy and sexy rocknroll. In fact, their brand of rock harkens back to the 1970s when the phrase “Sex, Drugs, and Rocknroll” was first coined (no surprise).  Wyves’ latest single, “Bitch Has Got Problems”, is asRead More →

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Paper Foxes “Indica Feels” Maïa Vidal “Mama (Told Me So Again)” Wyves “PUPPYCAT” Scattered Melodies “Trying to Find Me” Drop Legs “Lizzy” The Sink or Swim “Arizona” Jawni Doo Dat “Joleene”Read More →

3 Stellar 3-Song Releases

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Sonoran Chorus Laird Sonoran Chorus might have only popped on the local scene less than a year ago, but they’ve already released a two-track single and a six-track EP. Now, they have the three-track Laird to add to their ever expanding discography. We were first introducedRead More →

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Sundressed “The Dirt” Is it just me? Or has Sundressed really been picking up their game? I seem to like each new single more than I liked the last one. “The Dirt” – the latest single from the band – is no exception. It’s probably my favorite Sundressed track. Ever.Read More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Robert Ciuca, and I play instruments in Fairy Bones & Paper Foxes and have done some paintings that people seem to like. 2. How did you get your start? I got really into art when I was 15 and myRead More →


Mickey & the Mountains “Fatigue” My bandcrush on Mickey & the Mountains started back with Creepy Martini, their 8-track debut from May of 2013. The latest single from the group, “Fatigue”, was released just last month. Mickey & the Mountains continue to push the experimental aspects of their sound: the dissonanceRead More →