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RPM Orchestra joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios and now the broadcast archive is available for all to hear. We chat with the band about current works as well as their personal song selections they chose to play on the air. Discover or catch up with RPM Orchestra right here…Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Dementia Awareness Week kicked off yesterday and, to mark the occasion, Serene Dominic released Silver Alert, his musical examination of the perils and joys of aging. Dominic dealt with the disease directly when it affected his own father. And now, as the artist moves intoRead More →

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It was just last year that No Volcano first came on the scene and took home our Dark Horse Award for their debut album, Who Saved the Party?. And, this year, they returned with another full length release. It seems like No Volcano was setting us up for disappointment. They released theRead More →

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by Joe Golfen Staff Writer Following up a great first album is no easy task, with the added weight of expectation and the fear of the dreaded “sophomore slump” hanging in the air. And anyone whose heard Who Saved The Party?, the beloved debut by Phoenix’s No Volcano, has everyRead More →

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No Volcano? Never heard of them. At least, I never heard them before this year and now I can’t seem to stop listening. The Phoenix four-piece released their full-length debut, Who Saved the Party?, through Onus Records last January. I briefly encountered their music through the music video for “Tribute”, theRead More →

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Hometown pride…it’s a rare and endearing quality seldom found in Phoenicians. And, even more rare it seems, is the ability to translate that pride into a tangible medium. Your home turf must have a pulse and true grit in order to encapsulate its pure essence. ThereRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer Never reckless, always deliberate, lead vox/guitarist Jedidiah Foster of The Bittersweet Way chatted a bit with Song River, staff writer at YabYum, about their new album, Songs We Want to Sing, due out later this week! Song River: Let’s talk about the songwriting on this new album, SongsRead More →

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No Volcano Who Saved the Party?  No Volcano released their first full-length album on Saturday at The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix to quite a hefty crowd complete with a mosh pit of thrashing teens on the underage side of the barrier; a barrier that I’ve learned to appreciate more withRead More →