Andrew Jackson Jihad “All The Dead Kids / Unicron” Live from Revolver Records Diners “Thinking of You” from The Trundle Sessions Taylor Upsahl “White Lies” from TMI Sessions Of the Painted Choir “Cactus Wren” Live from KJZZ Studios Morning Bear “Despise” from Sofar [Songs from a Room] DenverRead More →

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I was very upset to learn that the members of Of the Painted Choir, a Phoenix favorite, were going on their separate ways earlier this year when frontman Frederick Huang returned to Tucson to attend school. It seemed like only yesterday that Fred made the move from Tucson to Phoenix and started OTPC.Read More →

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Recorded live at Phoenix Center for the Arts in Sunny downtown Phoenix and aired on Radio Phoenix on June 4th, 2014. Fred from Of the Painted Choir came down and picked out some tracks to spin. We also had writer Mike McQuillian stop in and say hello to our readers/listeners.Read More →

Rubber Brother

Of the Painted Choir Barbarous The seven track release from Of the Painted Choir left fans with quite a swan song in the wake of the band’s amicable demise (frontman Fred Huang is moving back to Tucson). The album opens with “Cactus Wren” and immediately sets an uplifting but dreamyRead More →

The Upper Strata “Desert Wind” Of the Painted Choir“Cactus Wren” DrewIsDead“The Devil is Real” Human Behavior“Rise and Shined” Luminatus“The Halo Around My Heart”Read More →

Drawing from 60s pop music to create a truly unique style of southwestern indie rock, Of the Painted Choir continued their recording efforts last year with a stellar, self-titled EP. Of the Painted Choir had been on our radar for a while before the band handed over their much-anticipated EPRead More →

One of the great things about living in Arizona is all the great traveling destinations one can reach by car in just a short time. Ski in Flagstaff, houseboat on Lake Powell, climb the steps in Bisbee (if you know Bisbee you know), meditate at Sedona’s vortex, hunt ghosts inRead More →

It’s an exciting week for local music beginning tonight with First Friday! Of the Painted Choir is releasing their EP at the Yucca Tap Room while Mergence and Kongos share a bill at the new Last Exit Live, and The Trunk Space celebrates 9 Years! Read More →

Therapist Desire With members in both Arizona and California, Therapist are already making a name for themselves in both states for their punky, funky, nu-disco sound. With nods to Gossip and the Moving Units, Therapist’s new single “Desire” delivers a solid bass punch, spiked and everything. As any pop hook should, “1,Read More →

I like to keep the weekends lively, if I can manage it. The week can be overwhelmingly mundane with its paperwork and phone calls and so on. If I don’t pause to breathe in a little art and music and life at the end of it all things could getRead More →