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Best Music Videos of 2015: 15. Numb Bats “To Die” Director: Michelle Blades 14. MRCH “Highway Drivin’” Director: Frank Thomas 13. decker. “O.D.B.” Director: Matty Steinkamp 12 Giant Sand “Transponder” Director: Lucy Dyson 11. PRO TEENS “Mona” Director: Michael J Buckius 10. Captain Squeegee “Seek” Director: Matty Steinkamp 9. Gardens & Villa “Fixations” Director: Austin M. Kearns 8.Read More →

Best Dog Award “Successful” The Venomous Pinks “Do You Wanna?” NUMB BATS “I Want You” Jerusafunk “El Gitano Borracho” Belly Belt “If You Like to Dance”Read More →

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Giant Sand “Transponder” NUMB BATS “I Don’t Know Why/ To Die” Sunset Voodoo “Summer Haze” JJCnV “Gaze Upon the Yonder” The Thin Bloods “You and You and You”Read More →

New Albums

Prom Body  Naughty By Natural  I first hopped on the Prom Body train when I came across Creep the Strange (their 2013 full length) last year. The brainchild of Tucson’s Michael Fay also of Sleep Like Trees and Pollution Solute, Prom Body has recently been enjoying some early attention for the newRead More →

Scattered Melodies Release Date: June 20th The musical pairing of Josh Montag and Jake Johnston first caught our attention with their collaborative undertaking, a.k.a. their first album, A Collective Agreement. Joining with other local artists, the duo creates songs together to be shared and performed in cooperation. A new full-length isRead More →

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Sam Means feat. Anthony Green Blue Jeans I can’t get enough of this pop ditty certain to have you hitting the repeat button an embarrassing number of times. Combining the beat and dynamics of vintage pop with a contemporary implementation of warm fuzz and electronica elements, Sam Means proves heRead More →

We don’t usually include live videos when we share music videos with you folks. Today, we have a special collection of videos to share: songs performed live… you know, on video.  The Prowling Kind “White” Sara Robinson & the Midnight Specials“Real Good Time” Numb Bats“Dr. 5” Carol Pacey & theRead More →

Numb Bats“Angry Woman“ The post-punk surf rock of Mo Neuharth, Emily Hobeheidar, and Isaac Porker (also known as the Numb Bats) made them an early favorite with the YabYummers (or Yummies, whichever you prefer). The long-awaited first single from the trio came out on a split with another band I’veRead More →

A lot of albums come my way here at YabYum that are quickly categorized as “chick rock” and passed along to resident chick-on-staff. None of the above bands came to me that way despite all the feisty females that make up each band on the bill. That’s the best thingRead More →

Naked Pizza I don’t know who these people are but I know I want to hear everything they record, forever. The fast-paced, fun-loving introductory track “I’m Full of Lust (and I Want You)” is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it has secured my fandom in under two minutes. IRead More →