by Carly Schorman – Phoenix’s psych rock superstars No Volcano just released their new music video this week! “Extrovert” is a new single from the band’s forthcoming album, Rubber Dagger, and for this music video the band teamed up with Tucson filmmaker/animator Jason Willis. We had a chance to talk with Jim AndreasRead More →

No Volcano “Sad Generator” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp Julez “Lookin’ Through” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp Paper Foxes “Tell Me (How You Feel)” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Mahalia “I Wish I Missed My Ex” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram The Braves “How The Money Rolls In” Facebook –Read More →

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Fairy Bones “Hang Wit Da Boiz” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Snacks “Pink Water” Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp No Volcano “Day in the Sun” Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp The Pesos “Another Life” Facebook – Instagram Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds “Bridges” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Beachwood Coyotes “Discipline” Facebook –Read More →

koleżanka, Sun System, Willetta, The Edisons, Elna Rae, Black Paw, Soft Deadlines, Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds, and Zodiac Bash

Before the successful release of last year’s Straight Outta Comp, Lumberjerk Records founder Justin Weir already had plans of releasing a second volume. His hope was to feature other bands he hadn’t yet worked with and possibly have twice as many songs on the next compilation, with all the profits continuingRead More →

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by Joe Golfen – Used to be, rock bands put out a record at least once a year. The Beatles, The Stones, everybody. Even with the all the advances in recording technology, most modern bands don’t hold themselves to that grueling pace. But Phoenix rockers No Volcano have pushed outRead More →

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No Volcano joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios at the Phoenix Center for the Arts for our latest edition of The YabYum Hour! They brought an eruption of tasty tunes for the YabYum hosts, who became consumed with (no) lava. We also talked Phoenix rock history (like Kimber Lanning playingRead More →

No Volcano “Take My Chances” Citrus Clouds “Shapes and Things” Dead! “Enough Enough Enough” Doesn’t Rhyme With King “Can’t Tell the Difference” Heavy Heart “Fruitfly” The Head “Tea Colored Radio” Lulu Lewis “All Just Pretending”Read More →

2016 awards recap

Alrighty gang, this wraps up our 2016 Awards portion of the year. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the Awards Show at the Trunk Space last night. We will now continue to cover all the new shit. More local, national, and international music coverage is on theRead More →

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20 Sundressed “Autopilot” Directed by Cory Davis 19 Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” Directed by Plastic Monsters 18 Confetti Club “Clutches of Emotion” Directed by Justin Humbert 17 Dadadoh “Do It” Directed by Bryan Preston 16 The Brothers Comatose “Black Light Moon” Directed by Colin Blackshear 15 Injury Reserve “All This Money”Read More →

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It was just last year that No Volcano first came on the scene and took home our Dark Horse Award for their debut album, Who Saved the Party?. And, this year, they returned with another full length release. It seems like No Volcano was setting us up for disappointment. They released theRead More →

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by Joe Golfen Staff Writer Following up a great first album is no easy task, with the added weight of expectation and the fear of the dreaded “sophomore slump” hanging in the air. And anyone whose heard Who Saved The Party?, the beloved debut by Phoenix’s No Volcano, has everyRead More →

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No Volcano “Blackout” Lovely Bad Things “Teenage Grownups” Fort Lean “New Hobbies” Twin Ponies “God Droppings” Fizzed “Oh Donovan” StarBenders “Paper Beats Rock” Van Goat “So”  Read More →