Lenguas Largas “Kawasaki Dream” Tucson’s Lenguas Largas came up to the Valley on Nov. 7th to play the Crescent Ballroom with Pissed Jeans and Gay Kiss. If you missed the show, you missed out so we decided to offer up this summertime single from the band to really stick itRead More →

Boss Frog “Two Mouth One Mouth” Burning Palms “Thorns” Technicolor Hearts “Pocohaunted”  Guantanamo Baywatch “Love this Time” Bike Thief “The Burning Past”Read More →

It’s been a little over a year since Phantastic Pigeon-Holes crossed my desk and now it looks like the musical partnership known as The Upper Strata is ready to unleash a new undertaking upon the world. Today, we’re very excited to offer folks a chance to hear the track “Anyway” fromRead More →

The Psychedelephants Asymmetrical Geometry The much anticipated release of Asymmetrical Geometry from The Psychedelephants came after a year long hiatus from the band. And I, for one, could not wait to get my hands on a copy. I’d remembered catching the band live (probably at the Rogue) before they took their breakRead More →

Burning Palms “Thorns” Burning Palms might be traveling the country on their whirlwind tour, but they didn’t leave behind their desert-based fans without a little token of their affection. A new remix of the track “Thorns” is now available for your (free) downloading pleasure and, I must say, this songRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Gabriel Sullivan is a prolific songwriter – he’s written literally hundreds of songs in the last year, posting them to his SoundCloud as part of a challenge he set himself to write one every day. He’s also a prolific collaborator, working with such respected TucsonRead More →

Pat “the Bunny” The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market The latest release from Tucson’s Pat “the Bunny” is one of those albums that makes all the shitty albums we have to sift through worth the effort. The aggressive folk heard in The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market reminds me of John Darnielle, butRead More →

The Psychedelephants “The Facade” If the first single from Asymmetrical Geometry is any indication of what’s to come, I think The Psychedelephants might be one of my new favorite bands. “The Facade” is a little bit trippy, a little bit grungy, and all fun. The band has been around since 2012,Read More →

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Robots with Rayguns “One More Time” The fresh sythnpop of Robots with Rayguns always gets a cheer down at HQ whenever a new release looms in the approaching distance. “One More Time” is the first release from Fresh As It Gets, the latest EP from Lucas Patrick Smith also known as RobotsRead More →

Bear Ghost Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste! Okay, so this band’s been around for nearly four years and I am only now discovering Bear Ghost outta Mesa, AZ? How could this have happened? I mean, this album came out in April and I’m only now hearingRead More →

The Foster Family Band “Heavy Now You Know” The first song I ever heard from Perry Allen immediately sealed my fate as a fan for life (see “take my bones to the valley” here) so you can begin to imagine my excitement when I heard he had joined ranks withRead More →

The Thin Bloods Twin Tumors Vol. 2 Just less than a year after we were introduced to Twin Tumors Vol. 1,  The Thin Bloods have unveiled their second volume for waiting fans. Opening the album is the despondent and slightly aggressive but lively number “You’re the Same”, kicking off six grittyRead More →