Andrew Jackson Jihad “Do, Re, Me” The Desert Beats “Nothing Without You” Myrlin “Hometown” Jess Matsen “Not All Deers”  DaDadoh “They Hate Me”Read More →

3 fast 'n feisty releases title

JJCnV Leathered, Weathered, and Feathered The best part of having a new JJCnV release on the list for coverage is that every time someone at HQ suggests switching to a new album I get to yell, “Hey, I’m working!” After weeks of endless listening, I’m not quite ready to giveRead More →

Psychedelic 00

Party Gardens Moon Synth-heavy indie rockers out of L.A. known as Party Gardens counts some Phoenix transplants amongst its ranks including members of Yellow Minute and What Laura Says. The group released Moon on March 27th. The six track album combines appropriately Cali-inspired surf and psychedelia with an effervescent indie pop that reminds me of otherRead More →

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Asian Fred “When I Speak” In the absence of Of the Painted Choir, I’m thrilled to see new tracks emerging from the mindspace of Fred Huang who is now performing under the moniker “Asian Fred”. This new track provides more of the idyllic dreampop I’ve been missing. “When I Speak” is perfectRead More →

tigerface 00

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor The last time we heard from Tigerface, the boys were playing in and around town supporting their EP, Out of the Dark, which was, by the by, terrific. I had a chance to see them live and there was nothing I could do to notRead More →

synth sounds

Social Lovers Enjoy the Ride The Phoenix act known as the Social Lovers released Enjoy the Ride on vinyl through Cherries Records outta Chicago and already the album is sold-out. Before you get too flustered, know that you can still get your internet hands on a digital copy. The lounge-style electronica makesRead More →

5 mellow singles 00

Stefan Pruett “Carefree” Those of us in the Phoenix metro area might recognize Stefan Pruett by another name: Peachcake, a musical endeavor known for its catchy electropop. Pruett made the jump to L.A. and began applying that same skill set to his new project (and his own moniker) to create infectious,Read More →

alex benson 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Would you think it impossible to produce a whole album in just one day? Well, Alex Benson did just that. And the result, Power Strangers, is pretty stellar too. This multi-instrumentalist (from such known acts as Rough Tough Dynamite and Confetti Club) has thrown down his gauntletRead More →

5 lively singles

Sundressed “The Dirt” Is it just me? Or has Sundressed really been picking up their game? I seem to like each new single more than I liked the last one. “The Dirt” – the latest single from the band – is no exception. It’s probably my favorite Sundressed track. Ever.Read More →

CooBee Coo title

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor I received this album on an overcast morning and from the very first track, it set the tone for the day and ironically brightened my world. The production on this record is stellar. I mean, crisp, clear and bright. This is the fourth studio album from theseRead More →

chris jamison title

Accomplished Austin artist Chris Jamison has written, recorded, and released four albums to date including the Austin Chronicle’s 2013 Top Ten album Sleeping with the T.V. On. But it his latest work, due out later this month, that has us really excited. Jamison recently relocated to the northern ghost town ofRead More →

Mickey & the Mountains A Mantle Piece It was just about six months ago that Phoenix 4-piece Mickey & the Mountains released the single “Fatigue” which means six months of waiting for fans to get their hands on the rest of the album. A Mantle Piece dropped back in January at anRead More →