5 radtastic new singles 00

Twin Ponies “Merciless and Masculine” This first single from the new Twin Ponies’ album has me super stoked for their forthcoming release, Friendly Pet Mass Graves. “Merciless and Masculine” offers listeners a dynamic track full of uniquely timed musicality and unstoppable rocknroll energy. I am hooked and counting down the days untilRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer Never reckless, always deliberate, lead vox/guitarist Jedidiah Foster of The Bittersweet Way chatted a bit with Song River, staff writer at YabYum, about their new album, Songs We Want to Sing, due out later this week! Song River: Let’s talk about the songwriting on this new album, SongsRead More →

5 HipHop Releases featured

Futuristic The Rise Futuristic might arguably be the most prominent Arizona HipHop artist on the scene at the moment. Once you listen to The Rise you might have an idea as to why. The album opens with an homage to another famed AZ resident: “The Greatest” or Muhammed Ali. As theRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer Seneca and the River came together in the Summer of 2013 to enter a competition in Los Angeles. After the student band took first place, most everyone decided to stick around outside the original project. Over time, the original twelve became today’s four band members.Read More →

5 eclectic singles featured

The Hourglass Cats “Be That Way” The Hourglass Cats have their own distinctive bluesy-garage-rock, desert-reggae sound guaranteed to get barroom patrons dancing before the first chorus of their set. The same might be said of their latest track, “Be That Way”. Recorded in 432Hz at Loud Audio Recording in Glendale, “Be ThatRead More →

mrs howl 02

by Chris Nunley Contributing Writer “I thought it was gonna be loud? I told the sound guy ‘we’re gonna be loud’” says Chelsea Dagger, lead singer of the dance-punk trio Mrs. Howl. “He was like ‘I hope so!’. And I said ‘No really, we’re gonna be loud!’” Just moments ago,Read More →

Joeseph Jaymes 00

by Eric Gallagher Contributing Writer Get to know Andrew Hosley, frontman of the up-and-coming four piece Joeseph Jaymes who, inspired by the sounds of old school punk and grunge, started making their mark on the Phoenix scene this year. Eric Gallagher: So first, this is the part where I would beRead More →

5 Eclectic New Releases 00

Captive Cooks Kuatto The blues-fusion five-piece known as Captive Cooks released their debut EP, Kuatto, on May 1st at Last Exit Live. I must say, for a four-track EP, Kuatto packs some serious punch. Maybe that has something to do with half the songs clocking in at over seven minutes. There are someRead More →

Brothers Gow title

by Song River Contributing Writer A formula for success necessitates a partnership of focused, committed individuals who love what they do. Keys player and vocalist Alex Gow Bastine of Brothers Gow spoke to YabYum recently about their focus, uniqueness, and commitment to their passion for music. Song River: Brothers Gow claims aRead More →

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Fairy Bones “Banshee” The Hourglass Cats “Be That Way” Lonna Kelley “Pretty Boy” Lost in Atlantis “Wild Kids” The Oxford Coma “Infrastatic + My Riad”Read More →

3 Stellar Southwestern Sounds title

The Lonesome Wilderness The Lonesome Wilderness I’m hooked on the southwestern sound of The Lonesome Wilderness. The Phoenix five-piece manages to infuse just enough garage grit in with their windswept psychedelia to keep things feisty. Their self-titled debut opens with “Cigarettes”, the first single from the EP. This track definitely putRead More →

Jared Kolesar title

by Song River Contributing Writer Music is a language that compels motion. Place that energetic language of compelling motion and give it to your fans with the fervor you feel, that sense of gratitude to all of those who support you… and you have the central element of Jared &Read More →