5 Weird & Wondrous Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor


“Deflect the Light”

The electronica quintet from Leeds known as Vessels has some big things in the works… like this hot new jam which features The Flaming Lips. Yes, folks, Wayne Coyne provides the lyrics and vocal stylings while Vessels gives shape to the engulfing soundscape on “Deflect the Light”. Vessels released this track in anticipation of their forthcoming album which is due out September 29th. The new release also features guest appearances from other artists like John Grant, Katie Harkin, and Vincent Neff (of Django Django). There is a buoyancy and an optimism that pervades “Deflect the Light” so it’s the perfect mood boost, any time of day. Give the the single from Vessels a spin below or head here to score your own copy of the track.

Cherie and Renno


The quirky sound of Cherie and Renno might sound vaguely familiar. Maybe that’s because the pair formerly performed together in the band Izabo. Cherie and Renno have a totally unique sound and that might have something to do with their one-of-a-kind instrumentation. The soundscape features a “home-made instrument – a wooden, electronic, multi-synth Viola that Ran, the frontman, built from parts he collected throughout the years.”  DIY multi-synth viola? How could we not love it? Cherie and Renno has a funky punk vibe and enough energy to shake down any club, both aspects you can hear on their new single, “Meow”, available below or through iTunes here.

Quasi-Stellar Object

“Too Long on the Vine”

The artist known as Quasi-Stellar Object from Olympia [WA] just released his second solo album, Last Ditch-Digger, which offers this short and sweet number. “Too Long on the Vine” has an easygoing indie-folk sound that carries an impending sense of an end approaching in its cheery melody. For those of you who enjoy the single, I definitely suggest delving into the complete LP from Quasi-Stellar Object, but you should know that the rest of the album is a bit more pensive (and a little more strange… meaning not quite as “accessible”) than one finds on “Too Long on the Vine”. Give the single from Quasi-Stellar Object a listen below and then head over to Bandcamp for Last Ditch-Digger, the LP.

Dave Neff

“Whatever You Want”

Dave Neff might be from The Old Pueblo but he now calls New York home. Fear not, he didn’t leave all that desert weirdness behind when he left Tucson. His single, “Whatever You Want”, comes to us from Neff’s latest EP, In Imperial Country, which came out in April. Dave Neff creates bedroom nerd rock that sounds like it came out of the garage – without sacrificing that geeky core. The summertime energy and retro rock bounce of “Whatever You Want” makes the single sound like it could easily be playing in the background at Bayside High which I’m sure will thrill the 90s-revivalism-loving Millennials out there. Give “Whatever You Want” by Dave Neff a listen below or here for the complete EP.

The Invisible Teal


The Invisible Teal is the new undertaking from Todd Hoover who some of you (like me) might remember from his Black Rose Mansion days. To this new project, Hoover takes with him his powerful vocal prowess and musical flair for the dramatic – two factors that first locked me into BRM fandom. And, while there are some interesting permutations in the track,  the song does feel a little too disembodied at certain moments (like in the intro), but I encourage you to stick it out. “OMG” is exploring new aural arenas, not just rehashing what’s worked for other artists before. And, as with any experimental undertaking, some things are going to work and other things might warrant a revisit. This single comes to us from Debt and Quandaries, the new album by The Invisible Teal that is currently in the works. Check out the single below and then head here to show the artist your support by contributing to his album fundraiser!

5 Rowdy Singles You Should Hear

Nelson Can

“Move Forward”

The Danish trio known as Nelson Can uses drums, vocals, and bass (no guitar) to create their grungy rock sound and I fucking love it. There’s all sorts of rowdy crammed into Nelson Can and you can hear that energy on their new single, “Move Forward”. This band’s super cool Scandinavian sound will have you hitting repeat all damn day. And to think that Nelson Can all started as a joke because three chicks wanted to say they were in a band… Check out “Move Forward” below or you can head here to see Nelson Can’s DIY video for the single. Or head here to score your own copy of the single and show the band some luv.


‘Through the Dark”

Madus calls their sound “post-garage-rock” which is pretty on point. I could see this music playing in the hip (but obviously seedy) bar in the cybernetic future we all envisioned while watching Hackers back in 1994. Or, at least, those of us who are old enough to have watched Hackers back in ’94. Some us, maybe me included, are still probably waiting for that future to arrive so thank you, Madus, for giving me a glimpse of the aesthetic that I secretly long for. “Through the Dark” provides glitzy grunge and retro synths for the new world order. Check out the new single from Madus below…

Absolutely Not

“Strictly Top”

This post-punk trio outta Chicago craft an interesting mix of levity and gravity on their new single, “Strictly Top”. I am, of course, speaking both aurally and lyrically.  Like some of my favorite post-punk acts (ahem, JJCnV), Absolutely Not swirls in some feisty pop elements to keep things exciting in the sonic sphere. This single comes to us from Absolutely Not’s new album, Errors, which comes out later this month (7/28). Until then, you can spend some time getting riled up with “Strictly Top” from Absolutely Not below or head here for the digi-download.


“Take a Number”

Short and feisty, “Take a Number” from DWARF packs enough energy into two minutes to fire you up for an entire day. This three-piece from Mesa [AZ] has been steadily developing a local following since their inception. A ska rhythm on the verse gives “Take a Number” a super fun, summertime vibe, but DWARF takes the energy up to infectious on the chorus. Give “Take a Number” by DWARF a listen below or head here to show the band some support by purchasing your own copy of the single!


“Debt Collector”

Don’t confuse Hampshire’s garage punks LUAU with the Phoenix indie rockers, LUAU. Both acts might infuse a little surf into their sound, but these bands are two very different beasts. The British LUAU have a gritty, high-energy sound they unleash on their new single, “Debt Collector”. Drawing from such westerly influences as Rocket From The Crypt (CA) and The Marked Men (TX), LUAU came together in 2016 but the five players that make up the band earned their chops in a variety of eclectic acts for more than ten years before that. LUAU isn’t amateur hour – the band is as sharp as they are fiery. Get down with LUAU (UK) and “Debt Collector” below or check out Wake Up Dreaming, the album from whence the single came.

5 Mellow New Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor


“Spinning On Blue”

The dream-pop trio out of Nashville known as Bien released their s/t debut EP last September and they’re back with a fresh new single. “Spinning On Blue” is a calm but uplifting number that serves as a reminder that even though it seems like everyone is divided at this particularly contentious point in human history, we’re in this together. According to a statement from the band, “There’s so much going on in the world right now, and we really wanted to write something that encouraged people to remember we’re all sharing this planet.” Let Bien soothe some of your world-weariness with “Spinning On Blue” below or head here for your own copy of the single.

Loyal Lobos

“The Fall”

We featured Andrea Silva, the musician at the center of Loyal Lobos, through our publication before. The moniker might be different, but the earnest and emotive energy of her songwriting remains the same. “The Fall” blurs the barrier between indie-folk and -rock as she returns to earlier themes in her music which center on the subtle effects of misogyny on culture, both here in the U.S. where Silva currently resides, as well as her home of Bogotá, Colombia. There’s an aggressive edge to the songwriting style of Loyal Lobos that comes through on “The Fall” that finds its counterbalance in the revealing honesty of her voice. I suggest you check out “The Fall” from Loyal Lobos below…

Shawnee Kilgore & Joss Whedon


Shawnee Kilgore (no relation to Kilgore Trout) and Joss Whedon (yes, that Joss Whedon) became songwriting partners after a happenstance crowdsourcing connection. That’s right, folks, crowdsourcing your next musical project might have the unintended boon of attracting the attention of some unexpected admirers. Shawnee’s 2014 Kickstarter campaign came across Joss’s desktop and the rest is soon to be history. The pair started shaping out songs together and the results of that collaboration can be heard on this new single, “Unforgiven”, as well as the EP from when it came, Back to Eden which the duo co-wrote. Kilgore’s voice is a strange melting pot of innocence and steeled strength which is well suited to the Western sensibility of the supporting folk rock sound. Check out “Unforgiven” from Shawnee Kilgore and Joss Whedon below and then head here for your very own copy of Back to Eden. Oh, and did I mention there is a music video for the title track to the EP? There is.

Slow Skies


The Dublin folk-pop act known as Slow Skies combines an easygoing melody with honey sweet vocals on her new single, “Dancing”. Songwriter for Slow Skies, Karen Sheridan, explains the track was created with the intention of “nudging people to think about whatever it is that makes them feel good and just feel happy in that moment.” And that’s what you get with “Dancing” – a warm and bright feeling that floats over your body, filling your heavy limbs with newfound life. Take few minutes from your day to slip away with Slow Skies below or get the digi-download of “Dancing” for your personal playlists for a little more pep in your most dreary of days.

KOWL & Anjulie

“Just Words” 

Casablanca Sunset is both a music blog and a label based right out of sunny Phoenix so if you’re not familiar with the enterprise in either form, now’s a good time to make your introduction. When Eric Vogt of Casablanca Sunset first heard the Australian producer known as KOWL, he knew right away that the artist has what it takes to break big. KOWL joined the label’s roster and it wasn’t long thereafter that Vogt came across the vocal talents of Anjulie and arranged a collaboration between the pair. “Just Words” is the result of that effort. After listening, even I have to admit that the richly layered aural soundscape has me betting on KOWL too. And Anjulie’s spirited vocals make “Just Words” my kind of heartbreaker. Take the single for a spin below or head here to score your own digital download of the track.

5 Eclectic Indie Singles

Soy Christmas

“Oh No”

This duo out of Saint James [NY] does a lot with a little. Combining vibrant vocals with bedroom electro pop, Soy Christmas creates an effervescent indie sound that I’m all about. “Oh No” comes wrapped in the approachability of a thrift-store sweater: warm, a little nerdy, and perfect for those #NormCore Millennials. Score that digi-download of “Oh No” here, but you can take it for a spin first below. I also suggest delving Soy Christmas’ 2016 dual-single, Get Upset, if you have the interest and the drive.


“Don’t Look Back”

This track was described to me as a “call-to-action moodscape”. That sounds absolutely awful, right?? It wasn’t. In fact, AIHVHIA has a lot of elements that would usually annoy me: an orchestral indie-folk sound (which is a bit played out right now) and an unpronounceable name. Nevertheless, “Don’t Look Back” hooked me. AIHVHIA breathes life into this new song and it resonates with energy. Sure, it’s a little hippie, but it’s really good. This track comes to us from the band’s 2017 LP, Planet. Give “Don’t Look Back” by AIHVHIA a listen or head here for the complete LP.


“9 Months”

Roxiny is both a singer/songwriter and women’s rights activist who “frequently leads music workshops for GEMS, an organization that rescues girls from domestic sex trafficking.” But, for this article, we’re focusing on Roxiny’s musical endeavors. After getting her first major break as a backup singer for Sleigh Bells in 2013, Roxiny went on to collaborate with other artists, but now she’s ready for her solo debut. Her first solo single, “9 Months”, takes some of the grit and angst of post-punk and mixes in some indie pop to keep things lively. The topic of the song’s narrative deals with the oppressive force of toxic relationships. Check out “9 Months” by Roxiny below or head here for that digi-download of the single!

Julia Piker


Once a distinctive vocalist hits big (i.e. Fiona Apple, Lana del Rey, et al.), you can guarantee that music writers like me are going to get hit with knockoffs for the next two decades. True story. What all you sassy singer-songwriters need to realize is that music journalists are never looking for a re-hashing of what’s already been done. Julia Piker gets that. She draws from the fierce femmes that came before her (like PJ Harvey and the aforementioned Apple), but she puts her own spin on it. “Bullet” might be my new #GrrrlRawk anthem. Give “Bullet” a spin or head here for the complete (new) EP from Julia Piker.

Dylan Rockoff

“Come Over”

Straight talk: if you think there’s no place for the sultry stylings of indie pop singer-songwriters like Dylan Rockoff (or John Mayer or Jason Mraz, etc.), then you probably aged out of the demographic. You’re old. Or maybe you’re just a stick in the mud. “Come Over” is fucking catchy and I can definitely see it getting some pre-teen emotionally entangled in Rockoff’s sexy single, in addition to some guilty listeners of consenting age too. Preview “Come Over” by Dylan Rockoff below or head here to score a copy of the single for your personal playlists.

5 Stellar Americana Singles

americana 000decker.

“Matchstick Men”

Oh, Brandon Decker… or, as we like to call them at YabYum, Deckie Do. And what a do-er he is. As the head honcho of the NorAZ musical enclave, decker., Brandon has been busy these past few years. In addition to taking the decker. crew on tour to far corners of the U.S., Decker released Snake River Blues (the album) while working on Snake River Blues (the documentary) in 2016. This year, he shows no signs of slowing down. With a new album in the works, Decker’s also taking on a new cause: fighting the feeling of futility that seems to have overpowered the citizens of our nation. His new single, “Matchstick Men”, just might be what is need to light a fire under the asses of voter constituencies everywhere. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. Give “Matchstick Men” by decker. a listen below and join us in the wait for the release of the complete album on 8/25. You can also head here to get that pre-order of Into the Red locked in before the official release.

Hannah & Maggie


Hannah Hickok and Maggie Kraus have been playing music together since ’09 which might have something to do with the complete fluidity in their new single, “Sarasota”. In less than three minutes, Hannah & Maggie completely suckered me in with their blithe and dreamy indie-folk sound. The vocal harmonies alone will quickly enamor you with “Sarasota” as well. This single comes to us from the duo’s latest album, Oh No, which came out in May of this year. Give the new song from Hannah & Maggie a listen below…

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

“No Glory”

I first heard the stellar musical stylings of The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers earlier this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their latest single, “No Glory”, which came out in June, is the title track to the band’s forthcoming full length. Fusing Southern Gospel with Heartland Americana, The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers give shape to an earthy but uplifting sound. Give your spirits a lift with “No Glory” from The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers and join me in the wait for the band’s LP due out later this year.

Calum Bowling 

“I Wanna Ramble I Wanna Whine”

Calum Bowling emerges from the bluesier end of Americana with his brash new single, “I Wanna Ramble I Wanna Whine”. The guitar work and gritty vocal style almost have a Detroit slant, which might come as a bit of a surprise for those of you who already know that Calum comes to us from Huddersfield [UK], not The Motor City. “I Wanna Ramble I Wanna Whine” is the title track from Bowling’s latest release which dropped earlier this month. Check out the new single from Calum Bowling below or head here to score the complete album, I Wanna Rumble I Wanna Whine.

Bigfoot Yancey

“Downtown Girl”

Get ready for some foot-stomping, hand-clapping good times with Bigfoot Yancey and their new single, “Downtown Girl”. The alt-folk act starts the track by asking, what do you do when that woman at the bar doesn’t “want some of this”? You move on because, as Bigfoot Yancey says, “your soul lives on.” And so sets the laidback, porch-pickin’ feel of this quartet from Indiana… banjo and mandolin included, obviously.  This single comes to us from the band’s latest LP, Hills, which came out earlier this year. If you dig “Downtown Girl” below, then you should definitely check out the complete album from Bigfoot Yancey (available here).

LP: Lost on You [album review]

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Lost on You dropped in May and I’ve probably memorized the lyrics on the LP from LP in their in entirety. In fact, this album is so good that even this review was only supposed to be 250 words – I COULD NOT BE CONTAINED.

LP’s unique sound comes from fusing elements of hardscrabble Americana with a modern pop sensibility, but it’s that voice that really will sell you on the brand before your mind has time to wrap itself around the subtle breaking of genre boundaries.

Frankly, her voice is flat-out fierce: pitch perfect and powerful. There’s something earthy and emotional in the timbre of her voice that tears you right down to the heartstrings. And, while she’s had quite the raging success in Europe since the May release of her new album, Lost on You, Americans have yet to catch on. Big fucking surprise. Listen, ‘Murika, I know you’re having a rough year, but get it together, already.

The album opens with “Muddy Waters” – setting a pensive tone. LP moves from pensive to playful on Lost on You, from joy to hurt; this album is an expansive expression of a really difficult year.

The title track reveals a bit of the backstory. Even though “Lost on You” comes in third in placement on the album, it serves as the crux for the album, or, at least, the impetus behind its creation. LP was coming out of one relationship and moving into a new one (ahem, with YabYum darling Lauren Ruth Ward). Lost on You provided her the space to transmogrify that trying emotional time into a collection of songs that will hit home with anyone whose been through the romantic ringer.

LP gained footing in the music industry by writing songs for other performers. Perhaps, you’ve heard this banger from Rihanna? Yep, that was LP. On Lost on You, you can hear some of those pop permutations a bit more clearly on tracks like “When We’re High” and “Up Against Me”

Ugh, this album is solid from start to finish. Every track is distinctive and maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to choose a favorite. I mean, that whistle on “Other People” before LP comes in with a falsetto hits me like a punch every time I hear it. But, truthfully, it’s probably “Tightrope” that holds my heart of hearts because it served as my very first introduction to the artist. And the song is also fucking amazing. In fact, I’m going to stick the video at the bottom of the article because it’s the internet and the single is just that good.

From the anthemic “Strange” to the somber closer, “Long Way to Go to Die”, Lost on You runs the gamut: despondent to inspired to resigned. This is one of those albums I expect to see on those Best Of lists come the end of the year… and not just in Europe!  You can score your own copy of Lost on You from LP here. Do it. Do it now.


5 Soulful Singles You Should Hear

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Danii Roundtree


Atlanta sonbird Danii Roundtree is gearing up for the summertime release of her new album, Memoirs, with this fresh single, “Crave”. Roundtree’s voice has an ethereal lightness that will call to mind grrrl groups of the Motown heyday. And, while the music holds to that old school sensibility, Danii puts a modern spin on the music to fuse some contemporary pop into her soulful sound. Give the easygoing summertime sound of “Crave” a listen below or head here to add the single to your personal music collection.

J. Hutton

“No Complaints”

J. Hutton creates his modern soul sound by infusing blues, contemporary R&B, and slick style. You can hear the interplay of all three elements on his latest single, “No Complaints”, which Hutton released in prelude to his forthcoming EP (due out later this summer). The track dropped last month and has enjoyed some early streaming success since its release. That probably won’t be surprising once you take “No Complaints” for a spin. This track has radio-jam written all over it. Give the track from J. Hutton a spin below and join us in the wait for his new EP, Velvetesque Sound. You can also head here to throw out some artist support with that digital download.

Wake Child

“Hangup Blues”

The Berklee-trained band known as Wake Child serves up soulful blues in a psychedelic haze on their new single, “Hangup Blues”. There’s a sweeping breath to this track and that might have something to do with the fact that Wake Child recorded the song in “the remains of an old Masonic Temple in Boston, MA.” Not only does the location scouted for this recording provide an incredibly rich aural environment that adds to the depth of the track, but I’d imagine it also served to imbue the sound with some of the spiritual and emotive power unleashed on “Hangup Blues”.  Wake Child is definitely a band to watch. Give the single a spin below or head here to score your own copy of “Hangup Blues” from Wake Child.



“Blades” starts off in an atmospheric realm but, as the sound mounts, the real radio potential of this comes through in that slick hook. The LDN/LA duo known as FARR take elements from R&B and electropop to craft out this dynamic single to follow their breakout hit “Down” which gained more than a quarter of a million Spotify plays during the first five weeks following its release. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the beginning for FARR. Check out “Blades” below or head here for that digi-download.


“Lose Yourself to the Groove”

The married duo from the ATL known as The APX just released this funky jam called “Lose Yourself to the Groove”. The APX pushes for a retro-revival with their 80s R&B style complete with Casio-style keys and plenty of synth. If you like your soul music with enough energy to show off those dance moves, The APX just might be for you. Get into the groove with The APX below or head here for your own digi-download of “Lose Yourself to the Groove”.

5 Fresh Summer Sounds


“Can You Hear Me Now”

This new single from PHX songwriter [Taylor] Upsahl is like that first cherry limeade of summer: refreshingly bubbly and bright as the noon sun. Once you are afloat on Upsahl’s buoyant pop sound, the weight of the lyrics can begin to take hold, but don’t worry, they won’t pull you under that energetic current. “Can You Hear Me Now” looks back at a troubled relationship after its dissolution. You might expect something dripping with melodrama given that Upsahl is still in her teen years (and a recent high school graduate), but her songwriting expresses a subtly well beyond her years. Check out “Can You Hear Me Now” from Upsahl below.

Dirty Sunset

“Take it Slow”

Dirty Sunset is gearing up to release their debut album in September with this fun summer single. “Take it Slow” presents some finely honed musicianship lying beneath that seemingly effortless sound. The Phoenix five-piece has a rich indie-folk sound (violin and horns included) that makes for a great festival fit. I can just see the flower headbands and crochet crop tops now. This single induces hip swaying and maybe even some hand waving. Give the track a listen below and then head here to secure that digi-download. You might always want to jump on the pre-order option available through the band’s website before that 9/9 release date.

Katherine Eisenberg

“Real Nice Guy”

Brooklyn-based songwriter Katherine Eisenberg sounds like someone I would want to hang out in a mall with. Well, maybe a mall back in 1995 when they were still cool… you know, before they became the scourge of Late Capitalism that many Millennials see them as today. This lighthearted ditty emerged from that collegiate coffee shop crush I think we all had at one time or another. Katherine Eisenberg captures both the vibrance and innocence of those early love feels on “Real Nice Guy”. This single comes to us from Eisenberg’s 2017 EP, Nice, which dropped a few months back. Check out the single below or heard here for the complete EP.

Joy Downer


I love those lazy summer days spent hiding from that blistering Arizona sun. Sometimes, there’s a nothing better than a little forced R’n’R passed in a dark, air-conditioned bedroom with your a mellow playlist. I definitely suggest making “Goddamnit” by Joy Downer an addition to that summer playlist. There’s a chill vibe the pervades the whole track that’s just cool. The song address that desperate longing that arises in separated lovers with that super hip and easygoing indie sound that first secured our band love for Joy Downer. Check out “Goddamnit” from Joy Downer below or you can see the slick music video for the single directed by Ryan Lacen and Anthony Baldino here.

Them Jones

“Many Years of  You”

A little slouchy psychedelia goes with summer like snow cones and skateboards. Thankfully, Philly’s Them Jones is here to provide for your seasonal needs with their new single, “Many Years of You”. Combining modern indie with some of the trippier elements of late 60s rocknroll, Them Jones crafts a dynamic number that shifts in soundscape as you move through it on “Many Years of You.” This track comes to us from the band’s June 1st release, Grow, which is available here for your listening (and purchasing) pleasure. But, first, check out “Many Years of You” by Them Jones below…

5 Radio-Ready Singles

radio-ready singles 00

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Indigo Husk

“Goes Around Comes Around”

This lofi indie act from across the pond has a touch of The Strokes on their rowdy new single, “Goes Around Comes Around”, and I love it. Indigo Husk comes to us from Londontown rather than NYC and maybe that’s what gives this single the Britpop club bounce that really makes it catchy. The instrumentation pushes towards chaos without ever collapsing into it which only adds to the overall energy. I would like to add that 75% of this four-piece is named Joe. Not that that has any bearing on the music, but you needed to know. Check out “Goes Around Comes Around” from Indigo Husk below and then get your own damn copy here.

Sam Frankl

“Gold Rush”

Sam Frankl is a man of many talents. In addition to being a published poet and former editor of Le Cool London, Frankl now has his sights set music making. Working with producer Rob Brinkman to bring some gritty texturing to support Frankl’s lithe vocal stylings, “Gold Rush” has a cool vibe that’s perfect for summer heat as it dares to ask the question, “Are you goddamn crazy?” Check out “Gold Rush” from Sam Frankl below or head here to score your own copy of the track.

De Joie


This sweeping indie-folk single from singer-songwriter De Joie could easily take over the airwaves with its uplifting sound. Although originally from Florida, De Joie has spent a considerable amount of time living and traveling in Western Europe which you might glean from the French moniker or the Norweigan city referenced in the title. De Joie is French of “Of Joy” and you can hear that joyous vivacity in “Oslo”, but the vocals maintain a calm and reassuring reserve. This single comes to us from De Joie’s new EP, August, which came out in late June (like two weeks ago). You can give “Oslo” a listen below, but I suggest heading here for the complete EP.


“Over You”

Maybe you remember Rotana’s aggressive single, “Daddy”, which we featured earlier this year? [see here] On this latest single, the Saudi Arabian singer you’ll still find the fusion of electro pop with Rotana’s own sultry style. “Over You” moves from sensual to sassy as Rotana laments the One that she just can’t seem to let go of. Now based in L.A., Rotana just might break big here in the States. Give “Over You” a listen below or head here to secure your own copy of the single.


“Do My Thing”

This new single from Lucian combines chill and catchy for slick summer jam. Featuring the vocal stylings of Philosofie, “Do My Thing” stays tempered on the instrumental end despite the sass in the lyrics. I suggest jamming this single when you’re getting ready for a night out. It will give you add just the right amount of Fuck-Off to your attitude to enable a drama-free zone. Get your mellow on with Lucian’s “Do My Thing” and then head here to add the track to your personal collection.

5 Rad Singles: The Indie Edition

Callum Pitt

“Least He’s Happy”

This promising new artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne uses a breathtaking falsetto and vivifying instrumental energy to bring life to his latest single, “Least He’s Happy”. Drawing from influences like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, Callum Pitt is definitely set to shape out his own niche in the indie-folk world but he’s building from a solid base. The single starts with a dreamy atmosphere of Americana, but the energy mounts to inspiring heights. There’s a sense of freedom that accompanies “Least He’s Happy” that will add a little pep to your morning playlist. Check out the new single from Callum Pitt below or head here for that digi-download.


“Western Children”

The indie power trio from Portland (Oregon not Maine) known as Arkivist combines indie-folk vocal layers with indietronica for a sound that is very much NOW. Arkivist puts real emotive power into that sound for their new single, “Western Children”. The song was penned after one member of the band, Jonny (keys/vocals), came out publicly and didn’t quite gain the acceptance one might hope for in the GD 21st Century. His bandmate Ben (guitar/vocals) then wrote “Western Children” to show Arkivist’s united support. Sometimes our most difficult moments turn into our most beautiful creations and “Western Children” is full of beautiful moments beneath its poignant message. Check out the single below or score your own copy here.

Stone Irr

“What I Do Best”

This single comes to us from Stone Irr’s debut album, Sinner, which is due out on July 28th on Darling Records. Despite the sense of pervasive calm I experience when listening to “What I Do Best”, the single is actual the result of a paranoid freak-out session brought on by lover-separation-anxiety. Whatever Stone Irr was feeling when he crafted “What I Do Best”, the song floats along like a dream you don’t want to wake up from. Who knew such there was such lovely music coming out of Bloomington, IN? Give “What I Do Best” from Stone Irr a listen below and join us in the wait for the artist’s debut album next month! Or, of course, you can and should download the single here.

Mateo Katsu

“Out Here in the Sunshine”

Mateo Katsu comes from the angsty side of the indie-folk pool. Gene pool or swimming pool, IDC. Choose your own metaphor today.  “Out Here in the Sunshine” is the opening track to Nine Weeks; Katsu’s follow-up to his 2016 project, Fourteen Weeks. Despite holding residence in L.A., Katsu puts a folk-punk spin on his songs that gives it a real ramshackle feel I absolutely love. You know why? It’s not all about rainbows and hugs, even in the sunshine. Mateo Katsu’s sharp songwriting style pulls your attention to that inner discord you’re feeling, but he does so in a fun folk style. Check out the single below or head here to listen to the complete 9 Weeks project.


“Dandi Lions”

Tempe rockers SURF put a alt-grunge spin on their indie folk style. Take a moment to mix all those aural ingredients around in your mind before you hit play below. And you should. There’s an earthy, honest sound that resonates through SURF’s latest single, “Dandi Lions”. Husky vocals reminscent of the 90s show the listener you can be emotionally revealing in your music and still be a tough guy. If you want to dive further into that SURF sound (see what I did there?), I suggest checking out more of the band’s singles through their Bandcamp page, but start with “Dandi Lions” below…