social media 700

– Sure, you hate social media. Even for a grrrl who grew up obsessed with Penny’s know-everything notebook in Inspector Gadget, I’ve had my fill of constant contact. But, for most of us, social media is a necessary component of modern living. That statement can be double-plus true for musicians andRead More →

premiere 500

by Carly Schorman – We’ve been getting more and more requests from musicians to premiere singles, music videos, and albums, but it seems like some folks are a bit confused about what a premiere actually is. The editors thought it might be helpful to offer up this short tutorial aboutRead More →

recording 000

by Brandon Kellum Staff Writer – So, you’ve written your first song and you’re finally ready to go in to record? Or maybe you had an impatient vocalist that just booked the studio time in advance and now you’re scrambling to pull everything together. Either way, you want to knowRead More →

reality check

Check, check. Reality, check, check. Every few months, the Editors of the mighty YabYum, aka The Dynamic Duo, release a list of recently released albums, (say that three times fast), on the double-super-secret YabYum staff page. As I clicked over to view the list, after the secret knock at theRead More →