7 Rad Rock Videos from Around the Globe

“Money Comes, Money Goes”

[Nashville, USA]

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“Forget About It”



The Magic Gang
“Getting Along”

[United Kingdom]


Mr. Incommunicado
“Hunt You Down”

[Phoenix, USA]

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“It Seems To Be Natural”



“The Beat”


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[Los Angeles, USA]


7 Stellar Live Music Videos

Chris Farren

Live at Little Elephant


Gethen Jenkins
“Western Gold”

from Sofar Los Angeles



from The Trundle Sessions

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Shy shy shy
“Someone Else”

Live at Sjællandsgade Bad


The Folly Brothers
“Artificial Thrills”


Savannah King
“Pictures of California”

from Sofar Phoenix


We The Heathens
“Fucked Drunk Life”

from Fistful of Vinyl 

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7 Feisty Music Videos



The Dollar Bill Murrays
“Dancing with Death”


“Bag of Cans”


Young Culture


Down & Out


“The Party”

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“tiny bodies”


7 Awesome Americana Music Videos

Courtney Marie Andrews
“Kindness of Strangers”

We might remember Courtney Marie Andrews from her rapscallion days of playing guitar off Roosevelt Row, but she’s been moving on up in the musical world and sharing her smokey, Southwestern style of Americana with new audiences. “Kindness of Strangers” comes to us from Andrews’ forthcoming release, May Your Kindness Remain, which comes out later this month.


John Prine
“Summer’s End”

Singer-songwriter John Prine is a personal favorite so I was pretty stoked to find out the musician is planning on releasing a new album (after 13 years) this coming Spring. The Tree of Forgiveness comes out April 13th but you can whet your appetite with this new single.


The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers
“Fools Were Made to Be Broken”

Coming to us from rural Wisconsin, we have The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers with their new sardonic single, “Fools Were Made to Be Broken”. The duo is planning a SXSW release for their new album, Don’t Think About Tomorrow Tonight, from whence this single hails.


Nellen Dryden
“Funny Feelings”

The “cosmic-folk” of Nellen Dryden is earthy and enchanting. Originally from New York, Dryden now calls Nashville home, but she’s heading to Austin for SXSW this year so check her out if you’re planning to be in the area. Before that happens, check out “Funny Feelings” from Nellen Dryden.


Sean Christopher
“A Thousand Hues”

Sean Christopher, a songwriter from the Netherlands now based in the UK, filmed this live on a road to Brioude, France back in January so there’s a short lesson in geography hidden in this moving performance. Christopher wrote the song after reading about a man who lost his wife to a tsunami so he took diving lessons in hopes that he might one day find her again.


I’m With Her
“Game to Lose”

This music video, directed by Genéa Gaudet, was filmed in Koreatown, Los Angeles [CA], but it was at an impromptu show in Telluride [CO] that the trio known as I’m With Her first joined forces.  They released their debut LP, See You Around, with this single and now the band is setting out on a world tour. Maybe they’ll be stopping in your neck of the woods.


The Hooten Hallers
“Further From Shore”

The Hooten Hallers from Columbia, Missouri are heading to Tempe to celebrate the release of their s/t debut album. “Further From Shore” comes to us from that album with plenty of bluesy Americana. Make sure you mark your calendars for The Hooten Hallers on March 14th at the Yucca Tap Room.

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7 Hawt HipHop Music Videos

Cut Chemist
“Metalstorm” feat. Eda and Mr. Lif


Rafael Vigilantics
“Exit Here”


ADaD // Tensei
“Danger Us”




Dreemy Sinatra
“Passing Me By” 


Cadillac Freeze

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Handsome Naked
“Straight Bourdain”

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7 Eclectic POP Music Videos

“Are You Down”


Aaron Taos


Goody Grace
“Two Shots”


Piano Club
“Think for Yourself”




“Do It All Again”


Hana Brooks
“Used To Be”


7 Mellow + Eclectic Music Videos

Kat Wright
“Come Dance”

This single comes to us from Kat Wright’s debut LP, By My Side. The Vermont songbird has a sultry sound that calls to mind London Soul, but “Come Dance” is a joyous declaration. And the music video really captures the exuberance of the song.


John Isaac Watters
“Train for the Desert”

This track comes to us from John Isaac Watters’ three-song EP, Past Hope Now, which accompanies “a desert triptych film made in collaboration with Anthony Nikolchev and Gema Galiana.” The LA-based songwriter once called Tucson home and you can hear that Western amble in “Train for the Desert”.


“Your Melody” 

To create her unique indie sound, Brazilian-Norwegian singer-songwriter reSouza draws from two different musical traditions: folk and bossa nova. “Your Melody” definitely leans more to the former as reSouza creates very visceral moments with the emotive energy of her voice. She draws you into the song while the video draws you into the idle winter of Norway.

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Sandy Scribbles

I feel like I should have some sort of drug in my system when I watch Sandy Scribbles’ new music video. Maybe it’s because of the strangely compelling animated narrative of the video itself or maybe its the chill soundscape that carries the listener through “Kaytranada”. All I’m saying, drugs or not, this video is pretty dope.


The Singer and The Songwriter
“Wild Heart”

The music video for “Wild Heart” features some spectacular choreography from Daly City’s urban dance team, The Company, to help convey the powerful message of this this orchestral indie-folk number. The duo from California known simply as The Singer and The Songwriter first shared “Wild Heart” on the band’s EP, DIRECTIONS, which came out in October.


Natalia Marrokin
“Go Down & Go Down”

Natalia Marrokin is one to watch out for. She won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and, upon graduating, set to work on her first album. “Go Down & Go Down” is one of the tracks from that release and it showcases Marrokin’s retro blend of jazz and soul in her voice and in the songs that she writes.


“All Things Under the Sun”  

Wulf made a name for himself in his native Netherlands  after appearing on the summer smash single, “Summer On You”, back in 2016. Now the artist is ready for that solo smash with “All Things Under the Sun”. The music videos sweeping cinematography is well-matched to the uplifting charge of the single.


7 Weird + Wondrous Music Videos

“Heart Attack”

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“Gotta Run”


Mark Nevin
“Dolly Said No to Elvis”






Bashful Hips
“A Dog’s Humanity”


7 Chill Music Videos


Kutch combines the talents of Colin Kutchyera and La+ch; two artists (and lifelong friends) from Northern Ontario. And while the song is lovely, the music video the band created to accompany “Collectable” stands out as an accomplishment in its own right. Shot over a period of seven months, the video features real-life collectors.


“Fall Into”

This dreamy indie-pop number from Seattle’s Hibou is a promising teaser for what’s to come from the artist’s forthcoming album, Something Familiar. Some of you might recognize Hibou (aka Peter Michel) from his Craft Spells days, but his solo work is misty soundscape for shoegaze wanderers. Preorder Something Familiar from Hibou on Bandcamp.


 Dana Williams
“There You Go” 

This minimal music video for the stripped-down single, “There You Go”, keep the focus exactly where it needs to be: on Dana Williams’ dazzling voice. New fans should definitely dive further into this artist’s online musical offerings on Spotify and maybe check this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams (with Leighton Meester).  

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 Cale Hawkins
“Deep Dream”

This indie-electro single comes to us from Brooklyn songwriter, Cale Hawkins. “Deep Dream” explores some of the darker thoughts and detachment that accompany addiction. The animated music video has a heroin dream feel that draws you further into the not-quite-reality of “Deep Dream”.


Justin Moody

Phoenix Songwriter Justin Moody released his new cassette last weekend at The Trunk Space. If you missed the show, don’t miss your chance to snag the limited-edition cassette (available here).


Anastasia Max

The brother-sister duo at the helm of the Boca Raton 4-piece might still be teenagers, but they’re ready to hold their own against all those other angsty indie bands of legal drinking age. At only 15, Anastasia Brenner is a seasoned performer with some serious vocal chops.


Toto Bona Lokua
“Ma Mama”

In truth, I have no idea what this song is really  about because my language skills are embarrassingly limited, but the spirit of the music comes across no matter the tongue. Toto Bona Lokua combines the talents to international players from France, Cameroon, and Congo for an Afro-jazz-inspired sound.


7 Rad New Music Videos [From Alt to Indie]

Car Seat Headrest
“Nervous Young Inhumans”

Car Seat Headrest is seriously one of my favorite bands so I can’t even begin to express the personal excitement I feel sharing the video for “Nervous Young Inhumans” because it means a new album is on the horizon… sorta. Car Seat Headrest will be releasing the “re-recorded, re-imagined”  Twin Fantasy on February 16th. Get that pre-order in through Bandcamp now!

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Egyptian Blue
“Cut Me A Hole”

This British quartet comes to us from Brighton by way of Colchester. The band has a post-punk-tinged sound that will sit well with young punks and 90s grunge rockers alike.


“Hungover Forever”

T.O.S.O. is a super rad (and rowdy) Tempe band that everyone should know about (if you don’t already). “Hungover Forever” offers some quick shifts in temperament and style while holding to that T.O.S.O. sound: weird desert garage rock. Tune into Radio Phoenix next Wednesday at 7pm to catch the band live on the air with us for The YabYum Hour and I promise I’ll ask what their name means.


Shadow of Whales

The Austin indie pop act known as Shadow of Whales carries a message of rebellion to their generation on their new single, “Runaway”. I feel it’s important to mention that the song is more about being true to your ownself and pursuing your dreams rather than, you know, actually running away.


Faces On TV
“The Image of Boy Wonder”

The Belgium band, Faces On TV, comes to us from the indie-electro side of the spectrum. The hills and valleys that shape the soundscape on “The Image of Boy Wonder” give the song wonderful movement as Faces On TV moves from minimal to orchestral and then back again.


The Soft White Sixties
“Brick by Brick”

It’s often said that times of political unrest lead to a creative surge amongst artists. I don’t have any stats to support that statement, at present, but I will say that this is my favorite song from The Soft White Sixties thus far. “Brick by Brick” will be released on 7″ vinyl in both Spanish and English. Follow the band so you don’t miss out on that release!


Gabe Lopez

This new music video from Gabe Lopez has it all: muscle cars, dance sequences, and a little safe-for-work homoeroticism. What’s not to love? Lopez has earned some hefty songwriting credentials and now he’s ready to break out on his own in indie rock.