5 Rad Music Blogs You Should Check Out (and Maybe Send Your Music to)

Alt Citizen

It doesn’t get much hipper than this Brooklyn-based alt-press outlet for music lovers and pop culture fiends. Interviews, playlists, film reviews, and a whole lot more for that inside line to what the cool kids think is cool. Maybe you’re band might make the cut.


Nada Mucho

Essays, reviews, even a Bandcamp Counselor to help you find some rad new albums. Basically, Nada Mucho has a lot to offer. Based in the Pacific Northwest, all you Southwest readers should scope what our friendly neighbors are up to, sonically speaking, and maybe send some examples of what the Sonoran has to offer.


Dying Scene

Everyone loves to say punk is dead, but it lives on forever. Part of that is thanks to steady-scene supporters like the (hopefully) ironically named Dying Scene. They bring you the latest in Punk Rawk news every day. Maybe if you’ve got the chops, they’ll toss some support to your band too.


Drunken Werewolf

The British bloggers behind Drunken Werewolf are pretty pro… no matter what their name suggests. Here you’ll find music reviews, interviews, and an “Introducing” series that focus attention on emerging artists. Drunken Werewolf is looking for new musicians with an innovative edge.



The crate-diggers behind Jackplug Blog can help keep you up to snuff on that underground electronica. The Netherlands-based bloggers bring fresh new music and some interesting reads for musicians, like pointers for legal Soundcloud mixes and interviews with other artists.


Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

editor 500The YabYum Senior Editor’s threw down their favorite songs of 2017 in THREE separate Spotify playlists (plus a NOT on Spotify one) and we drew from those to create our playlist for this show. Plus, Nick Kizer from When In AZ drops by the studio to fill us in on the latest info about the When In AZ Vol. 2 compilation due to come out in April! Have a listen, the complete playlist can be found below.


Nam Wayne “On Drugs and in Love with You”

Upsahl “Can You Hear Me Now”

The Womack Sisters “Darling”

Diet Cig “Barf Day”

Sundressed “Mill Ave. And Broadway”

AJJ “Border Patrol (Yuma)”

Delafaye “Dreamers”

Pistoleros “Did You Wake Up All Alone”

Twin Ponies “Humpty”

Alexander Wolfe “I Can’t Get to Sleep”

Old Nobodaddy “Gun is Coming”

Mega Ran “Church (feat. Kadesh Flow)”

Lando Chill “Break Them Shackles”

Small Leaks Sink Ships “Dancing Devil”

Howe Gelb & Lonna Kelly “All You Need to Know”

Originally broadcast on January 24, 2018