7 Mellow Music Videos for an Easygoing Afternoon

Daemon & Airdrie
“China Shop”

Lil Bobby Jr & the Horsey House Band
“in my heart”

The Lords of Liechtenstein

Sara Phillips
“House on Fire”

“The Waters”

Frass Green
“Susky/Slow Life”

three and me
“Who Are You?”

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“White Worms”

Live at Little Elephant

The Stakes
“Master Blaster”

Jackie Venson
“Rollin’ On”

“Alice Come Home”

Needle Time
“For Millions of Miles”

Time | Wise
“The Girl from Ipanema”

“Lamb Chop”

7 Eclectic Indie Music Videos You Should Check Out

“I Was in a Dark Frame of Mind”

“Rise High”

Grand Gesture
“Oh Tomorrow”

Kid Astray
“Fall To My Knees”

“Stay Happy”

“Lost in the City”

“Man You Want Me to Be”

7 Awesome Alt-Rock Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor


“Life Like Mine”

The Nashville band known as Welles is set to break big so you should check out this single so you can say you knew them when. The band performed at SXSW and they’re on the bill for Bonnaroo, but it might be this single that pushes them into the mainstream. “Life Like Mine” offers a slouchy vibe and sharp musicianship while catchy, Sgt. Pepper-made-modern vocals (provided by Welles’ frontman, Jehsea Wells) seal the deal on this hit-in-the-making. Give “Life Like Mine” a listen below…

 The Edisons

“5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking Tequila (and Why I Started Again)”

Woah, did we almost miss the bus on this release or what? Phoenix 4-piece, The Edisons, released their debut, Space Whales, back in October and we’re just getting to it now. Don’t judge. We’re busy. These feisty alt-rock get downright gritty at moments on “5 Reasons I Stopped Drinking Tequila (and Why I Started Again)”. But The Edisons like to keep their sound dynamic so expect some shifts, not only on this single but on Space Wales as a whole, as you move from start to finish. They are seeking to explore their sound on this first release, not to define it. Make sure you check out this single and, if you dig what you’re hearing, I highly recommend diving into Space Wales


“Forever Together”

This alt-rock quartet from Santiago, Chile now divides their time between has made the jump from South America to Southern California. Honey-sweet vocals over a sludgy sea of shoegazy rock on their single, “Forever Together”, brings me back to my 90s-era youth; a nostalgic time for me of grumpy baristas and Juliana Hatfield. This single is just the first from the band’s forthcoming EP, Ultraviolet. I’ll be keeping watch for that release. And maybe after you give “Forever Together” below, you’ll be a Slowkiss fan too.


“Light Outside”

I can imagine this new single from Absofacto really catching on with alt-rock radio stations across the country. It has just enough of an electro-pop punch to really hit home with contemporary audiences. Of course, once it starts to enjoy that regular radio play, I’ll probably start to hate it, but right now I’m jamming “Lights Outside”. The track premiered with Earmilk back in February and enjoyed some HypeMachine attention early on, but my guess is that we’re just hearing the start of Absofacto. Hop on that fan-train early and give “Lights Outside” a listen below…



The SoCal act known as Hunny puts a sunny pop-punk spin on their alt-rock sound that makes it perfect for warming weather. “Shy” marks the first single from their forthcoming collection. The energy on “Shy” can buoy your spirits in the middle of a rough week so it’s no surprise to us that , even though it only dropped last week, it’s enjoying some serious early attention from listeners. HUNNY plans on setting out for tour with Bad Sun soon so check for dates in your area. But, first, give “Shy” a spin below…

Maude Gun

“On High”

The Brooklyn duo, comprised of Molly Murphy and Jenni Lind, goes in for that raw, emotive sound first popularized by the alt-rockers of the 90s: something gritty and a little aggressive. Maude Gun calls their debut single, “On High”, a “mystic-folk riot grrrl anthem” and that description pretty much hits the head on the nail. There is something simultaneously earthy and otherworldly in Maude Gun’s sound. Give “On High” a listen below…

The Great Dictators


The Danish indie rock trio The Great Dictators combines forceful guitars with hazy vocals to erect a wall of shoegaze sound on their new track, “Blood”. The Great Dictators stomp all over the divide between post-rock and alt-rock; allowing elements from both traditions to seep into their own brand of indie. The effect is a hypnotizing blend of textures and sounds that you can really sink down into. “Blood” comes to us from the band’s new album (due out later this year). I’m definitely interested in hearing more of what The Great Dictators have to offer. Listen to “Blood” for yourself below…


7 Soulful Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Kathryn Caine

“Devil in the Pulpit”

So, strange as it might sound coming from a Jewish woman, my dad took me to a lot of different churches when I was a kid. My favorite memories of our little outings come from listening to some truly tremendous music while sitting in those rickety wooden pews. On that first spin of “Devil in the Pulpit” by Kathryn Caine, I could almost imagine my dad sitting next to me in his mortician’s suit. Of course, the lyrics might have you thinking twice about that whole church-y bit. This is more like gospel music for people who don’t go to church. I’m about it. Check out “Devil in the Pulpit” from Kathryn Caine below…


“Don’t Wanna Be Alone”

The New England band known as Butterchild is comprised of 5 friends who have known each other since childhood and been playing together for more than a decade. Now, that’s kind of fluidity that you can’t just find in a Craigslist ad. “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” combines rich vocal harmonies with an easygoing sound that reminds me of some of the truly great Dad Bands, like The Traveling Wilburys or The Allman Brothers. Dad Bands might be the next big thing, much like the Dad-stache and Mom Jeans. And I, for one, would definitely get behind the trend if it brings more new music from bands like Butterchild. Check out “Don’t Want to Be Alone” below…


“Waiting Game”

The Los Angeles artist known as Saigo is gearing up for the release of his debut EP with this meditative single, “Waiting Game”. The songwriter applies some lofty contemplations to his #FutureSoul sound.  Fusing electropop and R&B, Saigo creates a captivating aural landscape that changes shape as you journey through to the other side. “Waiting Game” is a promising start for the impending EP from Saigo. Give the single a spin below…

Madeleine Dopico

“Dance Alone”

Madeleine Dopico quit her day job in New York to pursue her passion of making-music. And, if I had her voice, I’d do the exact same thing. This soulful piano ballad reveals Dopico’s skills as a songwriter as well as her extraordinary vocal power and range. “Dance Alone” is stripped down just to the piano and her voice, but you don’t need anything more than that. Give the single from Madeleine Dopico a listen below…

Darius J


Man, I’ve been having this conversation with a lot of friends recently. Next time I have to sit down for a heart-to-heart, I’m just going to put this song on. Or maybe if I find my own spirits dampening, I’ll just spin “Motion” until I’m ready to resume the fight forward. Darius J offers encouragement for your downtrodden spirit and he does so with enough ardent to really sell the idea that you’re going to be okay. Move past wallowing to living fully with a little push from Darius J. Give the single a spin below…



Despite this musician’s difficulty in selecting a readily pronounceable moniker, JEJ (John Erick Joshua Millanes) is definitely a young artist you’re going to want to pay attention to. This USC music student has a stellar set of pipes and a soulful approach to songwriting. The dexterity of  JEJ’s voice really puts the high shine on this single. No surprise award-winning vocal group, The SoCal VoCals, snapped up JEJ for their team. Take “LoveSick” for a spin below…


“Easy on the Game”

MELD is the moniker of Nashville songwriter Melanie Dewey. She dropped her EP, H.U.R.T, a little over a month ago and this single comes to us from that release. “Easy on the Game” sets Dewey’s caramelly vocals against an R&B backdrop, heavy on the B. I can easily imagine this single wafting atop the smoke in some nightclub, but MELD has a contemporary take that will suit both modern listeners and old school soul fans alike. Give “Easy on the Game” by MELD a listen below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, venture into the full EP (available here).

7 Seriously Stellar Music Videos


“So Low”

“Hard to be a Woman”

Jeremy Tuplin
“Where the Light Ends”

Lucia Scansetti
“Basal Flame”

Carmen Rosa
“Give Me Love”

“Follow Me”

6 Rad Radio-Ready Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Pink Slip

“Said it All”

Kyle Buckley, also known as Pink Slip, made the jump from Atlanta to Nashville, but his sound still holds some of that ATL slink in its slick production. “Said it All” comes to us from Pink Slip’s debut EP – Pink Hotel – which dropped last month. Pink Slip sets the soulful vocal stylings of featured artist Estef against some contemporary R&B bounce on “Said it All”. Make sure you give “Said it All” by Pink Slip a listen below and then delve into Pink Hotel (available here).

Addie Hamilton

“La La La”

Those kids who always seemed to possess a clear understanding of their calling early on (and had the talent to boot) always irritated me a little. They should have to fumble around with self-identity like all the rest of us, goddammit. Addie Hamilton is one of those. A teenage love affair with her grandmother’s record collection turned into a life’s work early on for Hamilton and now, at 21 years old, she already kicking out radio-ready gold with her new single, “La La La”. There’s a kittenish tinge to Addie Hamilton’s voice will put you in the mood for a Gatsby-style bash, champagne and flappers included, of course. Those jazzy vocals harken back to that record collection of Hamilton’s youth which included classics from Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, and Eartha Kitt. Give “La La La” by Addie Hamilton a listen below…


“Worth It”

This chill chip-pop track from the Swedish artist known as Naah can turn your morning commute into the right kind of attitude adjustment if you need a little more shoulder shimmy in your day. Naah will help with that. “Worth It” creates a fun but zen atmosphere that will leave you feeling mellow. This is just the first single from the two track release, of the same title, so consider delving further into the offerings of Naah (available here). But, first, check out “Worth It” below…

 Flannel Albert


This catchy new single from Flannel Albert (aka Albert Joo) could see some series spins at those backyard barbecues this coming summer. Flannel Albert , originally from Portland, jumped coasts and took his melodic rhyme style to Brooklyn, but I can still detect a bit of that West Coast easygoing attitude on “aok”. The track has an old school, kickback atmosphere and that video-game-reminiscent sound that starts off the single only adds to that nostalgia. Flannel Albert dropped this track while gearing up for tour. “aok” marks the first single from his forthcoming tape so keep watch for that release this Spring. In the meantime, check out “aok” below…

Lex One

“Let’s Get Lost”

Lex One might have earned his chops in the Miami underground hiphop scene, but it looks like he’s ready break mainstream. And this new single, “Let’s Get Lost”, will only help the cause. Lex One delivers a steady stream of lyrical musings on love and lust on “Let’s Get Lost” while Hellz Poet provides the super catchy hook.  Get lost with Lex One below…

Tim Hox

“One Big Race”

With a little help from 17-year-old vocalist Julia Rose, producer Tim Hox shaped out this club-ready moombahton number. Hox lays down a beat to get you moving while Rose has an alternatively smokey and lithe voice that will have you reaching for repeat. If Reggaeton is up your alley, “One Big Race” might be your new jam. You just might have so much fun on that first listen that you don’t notice the goal-oriented message that lies in the lyrics, but we all might benefit from paying attention. Give “One Big Race” a listen below…

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“Burnt to the Ground”

Get Along
“Death of a Spirit Animal”

Super Pyramid
“Living Spaces”

Magdalena Bay

Killin H8 (Hila the Killa + Sir Kn8)
“Body Hair”

Monkey Warhol
“Tickle the Pickle”

First World Pros
“Oh Dear”