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by Carly Schorman – Mouse Powell “Coffee” Picking just one single to feature from Mouse Powell’s latest album is a challenge in of itself. The album features some choice guest spots from PHX musicians, like Jason Devore of Authority Zero and Andy Chaves of Katastro. “Coffee” mixes musings on love andRead More →

june 1 00

Lots of rad shows happening this week in addition to what we got here. You can check out more shows happening in the Phoenix Metro Area on our Upcoming Shows page here! You can also click on the show flyers below for more information about those events!Read More →

Mouse Powell “Heaven” Just Say Jones “Time” SupaJoint “Weed Money” W.A.S.H. “Kitty Cat Twerk” Mystic Blu “You Don’t Wanna See Me”  Read More →

Mouse Powell “King of my own Backyard” The Hill in Mind “Seedy” Flaggs “Take a Ride” Why Ask Why? “Knowing the Difference” Young Beautiful in a Hurry “Single Mothers”    Read More →

Bear State “Wish You Were Dead” The lofi bedroom pop of Bear State is perfect for initiating drift-mode in your brain. We first starting following Bear State after the release of their 2014 EP, Hello Alexander, although it was the Strange Feeling cassette tape that first marked the band’s recording efforts in 2013. “Wish YouRead More →

5 cool music videos

Mouse Powell “Need That” Luke Sweeney “Miss Me?” DaDadoh “BlackOUT” Surf “23.6 The Dirty Sun “Broken Door”Read More →

Mouse Powell “Love Is” Logan Greene Electric “Get Over It” WLFPCK “Vibrations”  The Bittersweet Way “Would You Like to Go to the Rock and Roll Show?” Leonardo DiCapricorn “NUNU”  Read More →


Mouse Powell “Two Weeks” Black Mountain Moonshine “Arizona Blues” Leonardo DiCapricorn “J-NO” The Black Moods “Say It For The Last Time” Anxious feat. Raxx “Bananas”Read More →

With the advent of certain technologies, hip hop has become at-home-accessible for millions of young rappers. With the deluge of music I hear at YabYum, I am often left questioning. What makes one stand out above the rest? What pushes a person to go beyond the conventional boundaries of hipRead More →

Mergence“The Nerve” Wolvves“Break Up Anthem” Cherie Cherie“Down Down Down” Mouse Powell “Cliff Clavin” The Saving Pointe“2+2=5, You Suck”Read More →

As October winds down this week and we all face the impending chaos of yet another holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that there is plenty to look forward to before the year comes to her close. Mainly, new albums from some established Arizona artistsRead More →