kwss 700

by Allyson Bills

Spring in Phoenix means catching some rays before the onslaught of 120 degree weather, as well as an abundance of shows throughout the Valley. Adding to the spring fun, local non-profit station KWSS is hosting their second annual “KWSS Radio Spring Fundraiser Plus One Show” on May 3 at Last Exit Live starting at 6 PM…Read More →

by Song River Staff Writer The Phoenix local scene holds some truly great jam bands. Mill’s End, when experienced live, brings a powerhouse element to the sounds of a fully engaged jam session. Check out their new EP, The Swann Sessions, and catch them at one of the many venues they willRead More →

Playboy Manbaby “Lizard People” Technicolor Hearts “Who are You” Darkness Dear Boy “June” Dirt Moon “Palinopsia” Mill’s End “Believe”Read More →

Mill’s End Monkey So when I found out Jeff Bump, guitarist/lead singer of Mill’s End, had sent their debut album to the Yab Yum editors, I was pretty excited to say the least. No writer had ever picked this album up before so it was still up for grabs asRead More →

If you don’t know by now, AIDS Walk Phoenix is only 5 days away. And this year there is a ton of great AZ talent encircling the event! Bluzone, Mills End, Hellbilly Motorcade, Horizon i, Desert Overture, and the Epik Dance Company are just some the entertainment you’ll see whenRead More →

Well it’s been a minute since we posted any videos and a whole assortment have come to our attention! If you’re an Arizona band and you would like to see your video included on our site, email us a link at! Peachcake – “The World Is Our Platform To MeanRead More →