Bummeritaville is Playboy Manbaby’s follow up to the Obsessive Repulsive EP that came out last year. This is their longest release to date clocking in at just under half an hour and shows the band taking a more ambitious route. The production value is definitely bumped up and this projectRead More →

The Puppy Love Mixtape is the first ever benefit compilation tape from Rubber Brother Records. It premieres new material from Dogbreth, The Wavelengths, and Good Friends Great Enemies paired alongside some older tracks in the label’s discography. Dogbreth’s track “Close With You” is one of their sweeter, mellow tunes withRead More →

So we collected a list of the most popular articles we featured in 2013. Usually, we just do this for bragging rights among the staff, but this year we decided to share. AZ Rockabilly is Alive and Kicking by Mark Anderson Rhythm Dragons, The Quakes, and The Devil’s Daughters allRead More →

Dogbreth is a pop-punk band outta Phoenix known for their positive messages, incredibly fun music, and feel-good attitude. The group is getting ready to celebrate the release of their second full-length album Sentimental Health later this month. The band built anticipation for this album with the release of Cassingle (and lovingRead More →

This past Friday, Hasty Escape played a release show for their new tape out now on Rubber Brother Records. The show also doubled as their music video premiere, showing for the first time at Tempe’s Parliament. They invited some friends to play and celebrate a momentous occasion. Starting off theRead More →

In the spirit of the season, Playboy Manbaby put together a Halloween house show this past Saturday. Playboy Manbaby has developed a reputation as one of the strongest live acts in the local scene and Tempe house shows are definitely this band’s niche. They brought along Rubber Brother Records label-mateRead More →