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Moon Bandits “Sleeping Giants” from The Trundle Sessions My bubba “Big Bad Good” Live on KEXP Michelle Blades “New Friends” from Sofar Paris Bob  Log III “Look at That” from Sung King King’s Reserve Session Live Slingshot Dakota “Paycheck” Live at Little Elephant Tracy Bryant “Glitter” from Live Studio LesageRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Karima Walker “Lullaby” Ever have one of those days where every song sounds the same? That was my day and then I heard “Lullaby” from Tucson’s Karima Walker. The song had a way of soothing my weary soul (and ears). Mellow and meditative, “Lullaby” isRead More →

R.Ariel “Gone” Michelle Blades “How Many Shadows Do I Lay On” Whitherward “The Dragon” Los Guapos “Tumbleweeds” Treasure Mammal “That’s The Way Roll” [Video Removed By User]  Read More →

Bogan Via “Madly” Live Session at La Communa Rooftop WLFPCK “Real Thing” Live at Saltmine Studios Coyote Mustache “Just Cause” Live at Bon Iverson Logan & Lucille “Giants” from Folk-O-Rama Sessions Michelle Blades “Water is Wide” from POPnewsRead More →

Asian Fred “Jonestown Shuffle” Cillie Barnes “Veranda” from SoulPancake Sidewalk Sessions Futuristic “Bedroom Bars Ep. 1” Emby Alexander “Behaves Like Beehives” from La Comuna Rooftop Michelle Blades “Subtropical Suburban” from POPnewsRead More →

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Run Boy Run “Spin A Golden Thread” Gabe Kubanda “Don’t Be Lying” Lonna Kelley “In the Dark” Michelle Blades “His Man” Human Behavior “Chapter 3”  Read More →

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The Woodworks Unhealthy Decisions Release Show: May 16th at Rogue Bar The Woodworks put out one of our favorite albums last year, Safe Mode. So we were more than a little surprised (and delighted) to find out the band already has a new album set for release this month. Despite the speedy turnRead More →

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Miami Loco or Bust! The annual music and arts festival will be celebrating its 6th year, but the musicians & artists that really make this party happen can use a little extra help getting to and from Miami, AZ. According to the event’s organizers, this year’s event promises to be biggerRead More →

Michelle Blades Cold ShouldersThis collection of songs from Michelle Blades was recorded in her three most common cities of port: Phoenix, Miami, and Paris. Tracks like “Deep Kiss” and “Intimidated” show Blades at her more experimental moments while songs like “The Basket” remind me more of my earliest live encountersRead More →

Best Band Gone Wild Video:Bogan Via “Kanye”We love the video for “Kanye” by Bogan Via (directed by Freddie Paull) but it does offer a disturbing look at the band’s career should the whole music thing not work out. Best Debut Video:Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special “Down by the Water”SaraRead More →

When I first heard that the oh-so-talented photographer Mo Neuharth was traveling to Paris to tour with bandmate Michelle Blades, I thought, I want to see those pictures! Then I thought, doesn’t everyone want to see those pictures? For more work by Mo Neuharth check out her website here. Paris, Summer 2013.Read More →