Best Band Gone Wild Video:Bogan Via “Kanye”We love the video for “Kanye” by Bogan Via (directed by Freddie Paull) but it does offer a disturbing look at the band’s career should the whole music thing not work out. Best Debut Video:Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special “Down by the Water”SaraRead More →

Mergence“The Nerve” Wolvves“Break Up Anthem” Cherie Cherie“Down Down Down” Mouse Powell “Cliff Clavin” The Saving Pointe“2+2=5, You Suck”Read More →

Mergence “White Bark” Emby Alexander“Drag the Long Way Home” Calexico“Splitter” JJCnV“In Kevin” Gross Boy & Amotbeats“Propeller Room”Read More →

It’s an exciting week for local music beginning tonight with First Friday! Of the Painted Choir is releasing their EP at the Yucca Tap Room while Mergence and Kongos share a bill at the new Last Exit Live, and The Trunk Space celebrates 9 Years! Read More →

We’re finding some amazing music videos being made by Arizona bands! Stay tuned, because every week we plan on bringing you more videos from bands around the Valley. Wolvves – “Dance” Courtney Marie Andrews – “On My Page” // Ballard Sessions #37  JJCnV – “Mean Diesel” Black Bottom Lighters –Read More →