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As we wrap up our 2018 Awards and get right back to our regularly scheduled programming, we wanted to once again gather all of our favorite songs from 2018 and compile them in some handy-dandy Spotify playlists. This time however we’ve broken down our lists even more with not only our overall favorites and some Senior Editors favs, but focused lists as well including Electronic, Hip Hop, Mellow, + Rowdy!!Read More →

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Kat Wright “Come Dance” This single comes to us from Kat Wright’s debut LP, By My Side. The Vermont songbird has a sultry sound that calls to mind London Soul, but “Come Dance” is a joyous declaration. And the music video really captures the exuberance of the song. Facebook – TwitterRead More →

by Carly Schorman – Justin Moody “Cowgirl” This single comes to us from Justin Moody’s forthcoming album, Bruiser, due out in a few short days. The Phoenix songwriter has made a name for himself for his slow and somber style. Moody’s songs approach the listener as if in a dream: hazyRead More →

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Frank Hamilton “More or Less” Deer Scout “Sad Boy” Novo Amor “Carry You” Low Roar “Bones” Dream Harlowe “Moarte” Selon Recliner “Come on Rain” Garden City “King of Love”Read More →

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Jillian and the Giants “Chicago” B O K E H “I Know You Know” Dan San “The Call” Lewis & Leigh “Piece of Gold” Ziegler Co. “Clarity” Silvermine “Endless Melody” Sally B “Timely Guy”Read More →

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The Blood Feud Family Singers “Lonely Night” Child Ivory “Afterglow” Charlotte & Magon “The Game” Emily Afton “Lost” Finn Kleffmann “Head Over Heels” Find Us In Slumberland “Fisherman” Janessa Evrist “Fall Apart”  Read More →

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Carly Schorman Senior Editor Fingers and Cream “Back in Anger” Fair Warning: the emotional power of this track can sneak up and overwhelm you. “Back in Anger” by Fingers and Cream comes to us from the band’s forthcoming EP, John Lingers, which will be released through Kromatick Records out of Paris. The bandRead More →

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German Error Message “2017” German Error Message actually comes to us from Nashville, no matter what the name implies. Their haunting single “2017” instantly won me over with its experimental layers of sound, but it was the tempered yet deeply moving vocals of Paul Kintzing that absolutely broke my heart andRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Day Joy “Florida’s Warm” Wow. This is the song. You know, that one song that you hear and shifts your entire day? This is it. “Florida’s Warm” by Day Joy from (where else?) Orlando is gentle and breezy, like that soft ocean air thatRead More →

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Samuel Proffitt “Sladky Pt. 2” This single comes to us from The Grey Notebook which was released earlier this year by producer Samuel Proffitt. Part One, for those that are interested, was released a couple of years back on Proffitt’s Blue Notebook and both tracks feature the gentle vocals of singer/songwriter Khai. “Sladky Pt. 2”Read More →