7 Hawt HipHop Music Videos featuring MC Lars, Mega Ran, Tonio Sagan, Dandila, Dax, Towkio, [602] PROPHET, + Parkay | YYM+A | your PHX guide to music everywhere Read More →

Mega Ran “SUMIMASEN すみません” Phoenix/Philly artist Mega Ran is a hiphop hometown staple for not one, but two, U.S. cities. For this new single, Mega Ran teamed up with NOLA-MC Alfred Banks and producer Lio Maks to make “SUMIMASEN すみません” which translates to something of a mix between “excuse me” and “I’m sorry”Read More →

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Mega Ran feat. KadeshFlow “CHURCH” Adam Reverie “Passion” Dynesti Williams “Balcony” Ciggie “Perspective” Eddy I “Unapologetic” Vicious 5150 “To Hell And Back” Alpha Faktion “System Shutdown”Read More →

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20 Sundressed “Autopilot” Directed by Cory Davis 19 Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To” Directed by Plastic Monsters 18 Confetti Club “Clutches of Emotion” Directed by Justin Humbert 17 Dadadoh “Do It” Directed by Bryan Preston 16 The Brothers Comatose “Black Light Moon” Directed by Colin Blackshear 15 Injury Reserve “All This Money”Read More →

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Mega Ran “Tokyo Hands” Chip-Hop allstar Mega Ran teams up with Doug Funnie and Mr. Miranda for this homage to that island nation sweetheart of nerdcore: Japan. The three emcees penned this track after returning from a two week tour of the aforementioned country. The single “is produced by RANA,Read More →

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Mega Ran & Mr. J1S “Turnabout” We all have that one that got away. “Turnabout” deals with just that sense of loss. PHX-based MC, Megan Ran, joins forces with Mr. J1S outta New York for this number. “Turnabout” was produced by Sonic Skillz and possess a mellow vibe that leadsRead More →

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The Stakes joined us in the Radio Phoenix studio back in July for another fresh edition of Rise! They brought along some great tracks and we certainly had fun discussing the new full-length album, the band name as a verb, and, of course, warehouse shows. Take a listen, and checkRead More →

Mega Ran “The East Coast” I always think of Mega Ran as Arizona-born and -bred, but as it turns out  this is just me applying some desert-centric assumptions. Truth is, Mega Ran has Philly roots. This new track from the locally-based emcee goes for a harder sound than expected – considering theRead More →

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Mega Ran “Hype Man” TruthCity “Changes” Blaza Duval “For the Glory” Vaskez Malakay “Usain Bolt” Kahlee & Digital Martyrs “Perspective” Zemma Williams “Get Money” JayCobZ “Dutty Wine”Read More →

Mega Ran Feat. RoQy TyRaiD “Mackerel Sky” Dadadoh “Do It” Myrlin “Dave Chappelle” Just Say Jones “I Need More” Young Tre “Salute”Read More →