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Closing the Distance is a new series in which we try to expose artists with desert roots who have since moved to other locales. Let’s bring this community a little closer together. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Is it fair to call Marianne Dissard an “International Jet Setter”? Why not? Having touredRead More →

5 rad music videos

Phantom Party “Derby Daze” Scattered Melodies “Community” Sam Means “Other Side of You” Marianne Dissard “Heaven Is For Blobfishes” Sonoran Chorus “Hack”Read More →

Michelle Blades Cold ShouldersThis collection of songs from Michelle Blades was recorded in her three most common cities of port: Phoenix, Miami, and Paris. Tracks like “Deep Kiss” and “Intimidated” show Blades at her more experimental moments while songs like “The Basket” remind me more of my earliest live encountersRead More →

Human Behavior “The Wolf It Is” Jillian Bessett“Villanelle” The Wavelengths“Don’t Wanna” Drive-By Dunk“Taking Time” Marianne Dissard“Am Letzen”Read More →

Hexs & Miranda“Down” The Holy Coast“In the Dark” The Black Moods“Can’t Sleep at Night” The Creeps“Reel Me In” Marianne Dissard“Mouton Bercail”Read More →

After 20 years in the desert, Marianne Dissard is returning to Europe. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) marks the last Arizona show for the French chanteuse as a resident Zonie. When I first heard Dissard would be relinquishing her Tucson digs for the wider world abroad, I was a little dismayed. For years nowRead More →