Jaded “In the Morning” Harper and the Moths “Chemicals” RAC “This Song” Lindi Ortega “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone” The New Electric “T-Shirt” SUNDNCR “We Dance to Remember” Dutch Melrose “Fame on Her”  Read More →

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Todo Mas “Desert Flower” The Farewell Summer “Kids” Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors “We Never Should Have Moved to L.A.” SUNDNCR “Venice” My Music Machine “Take Your Time” Shane Reis “Wave” Charlee Remitz “Valley Tantrums”Read More →

The Bollands “Guilty” Tall Tall Trees “Free Days” Couples Fight “Someone Else” David Messier “Everything Breaks My Heart” Knox Hamilton “Never My Love” Boy Epic “Kanye’s in my Head” David Zaoui “Do You Remember Me”Read More →

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WHY? “Proactive Evolution” Smokey Brights “In Demand” Paris & Simo “Evermore” PAWL “Your Love Shot Me Down” Nightcars “Neon Girl” Aabaraki “Flight” Taigenz “So Sorry”Read More →

The Federal Empire “The American Dream” Oceanic Memory “All Your Fears” Organised Scum “The Rare Gift of Healing” Hippo Campus “monsoon” -ness “Behind the Couch” Brave The Spirit “Hey Kid” Hollow Twin “Bound by Blood”Read More →

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The Federal Empire “I Never Liked Your Friends” Lost Kings “Phone Down” Chris Cron “Atlas” Chris Bartels “Missoula” Beat the System “Be Your Own” M.Maggie “FireOnTheSun” Kevin Andreas “Burn. Build. Repeat.”    Read More →

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Car Seat Headrest “Fill in the Blank” One Flew West “These Old Bones” Whiskey Kiss “I Wanna Know” Candice Russell “Ignite” Glass Mansions “Matches” Second GO! “Disaster Man” LanrĂ© “Alive Again”Read More →

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Steve Gunn “Park Bench Smile” The Chainsmokers “Closer” Brittany Campbell “Mean” SHAED “Thunder” Clinton Sparks “Saturday Night” Travis James “Fade Away”Read More →