This weekend marks the official launch of Rubber Brother Records, Phoenix’s newest and perhaps most promising music label. Yet another entity to emerge from the unceasingly creative mind of Robbie Pfeffer, Rubber Brother Records already signed many of the weird art bands I already love and a bunch of weirdRead More →

Mergence “White Bark” Emby Alexander“Drag the Long Way Home” Calexico“Splitter” JJCnV“In Kevin” Gross Boy & Amotbeats“Propeller Room”Read More →

Awesome shows this weekend and spilling over into the week. Choose your own adventure! For more shows this week, head here. To have your flyer included in our Upcoming Shows just email us here – Read More →

 Such a great week of music awaits the adventurous listener, we don’t even know where to begin. For more suggestions, head here. Read More →

A lot of albums come my way here at YabYum that are quickly categorized as “chick rock” and passed along to resident chick-on-staff. None of the above bands came to me that way despite all the feisty females that make up each band on the bill. That’s the best thingRead More →

There is DangerLiving DreamsIllya Riske has proven himself an attention-worthy songwriter: first in the Whisperlights and now with There is Danger. On the first listen of Living Dreams, I’ll admit, I wasn’t taken aback. And, I really really wanted to be taken aback. Then there was the second listen. However,Read More →

Courtney Marie Andrews “Woman of Many Colors“ The first single from her soon-to-be-released new album, “Woman of Many Colors” confirms Courtney Marie Andrews’ ardent talents as a songwriter. She is something truly remarkable. Although she recently moved to Washington, Andrews is returning to Phoenix for the April 23rd release ofRead More →

There are some good shows this week, kids. Get out there!! For more Upcoming Shows, click here. Send us your flyers!! yymeditors@gmail.comRead More →

Okay, so we all know River Jones is a pretty happening guy. I mean, he has his own label, his own agency,  he’s part of the Craftpop collective for world domination PR and Artist Development, and he still had time to mix and master the new North Dakota album. Just this monthRead More →

The following bands have what may be the most un-Google-able names we’ve come across. All the more reason to gather them all in one location for your listening pleasure before your employers bust you for innocently seeking out the latest from Gay Kiss. The Sex seethes and rages in throwbackRead More →

  Good Friends Great Enemies came on my radar a couple months back. Since that time, I’ve had the album in rotation every single day. Every single one. I kept pushing back the article so the obsessive listening remained a professional practice. Finally, I had to give in. There isRead More →