Human Behavior “The Wolf It Is” Jillian Bessett“Villanelle” The Wavelengths“Don’t Wanna” Drive-By Dunk“Taking Time” Marianne Dissard“Am Letzen”Read More →

Get excited, music lovers, because this week is going to be awesome. Friday night, opt for fun and funky at Last Exit Live with PAO, Samuel L Cool J, and more. OR throw yourself into the chaos of Wolvves, Thin Bloods, and more at Parliament in Tempe. Your choice. SaturdayRead More →

decker. “Cellars“ Some folks might say a giant release show at the Sail Inn is quite a lot of effort to put into the release of a single, but when that track is the famed 9+ minute closer from a band as popular as decker., the celebratory party markings itsRead More →

Dogbreth “Close With You” The sweet, sentimental indie rock of Dogbreth has secured the band an ardent following. In fact, several friend-fans can be heard on this single, recorded at Audioconfusion, performing with the “Close With You” Choir. For a band who tags with “powerkindness”, the latest released track fromRead More →

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We had some technical difficulties in January during the live show so we’re sharing the podcast early. Robbie Pfeffer and Gage Olesen of Rubber Brother Records joined us on the air for an hour of good times and swell music. The complete playlist can be found below. Don’t forget toRead More →

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Now, you can hear our show from December. For the complete playlist, just keep scrolling…   decker.  “Speak in Tongues” more on decker. here The SunPunchers  “Sodium Pentothal Blues” more on The SunPunchers here Jeff Gonzales  “Trickster” more here Jared & the Mill  “Wrecking Ball” more here Steff & the Articles  “Leave You Alone” more here The Modeens  “What IRead More →

Mohawk Photography Answers the YabYum Seven Music Videos with Mergence, Wolvves, Cherie Cherie, Mouse Powell, and The Saving Pointe República Empanada Brings Pan-Latin Cuisine to Downtown Mesa Certified Local Fall Festival Examining “From Lemons to Lingerie: The Still Life Redefined” 3 Eclectic Albums with Dinosaur Love, Orphans, and Burning PalmsRead More →

The SunPunchers Honey There are so many bands I keep meaning to get out and catch live. The SunPunchers have been on that list for some time which says something because they only started performing together earlier this year. After listening to their first release Honey, I’m absolutely irate withRead More →

Mondo Twang for the Sophisticated Listener… a podcast from Jason Woodbury and Shane Kennedy. Full Steam Ahead to Lee Davis’ STEAM CHUNK Goodbye to Sun Ghost Arizona Compilations Bring Out the Best of the Underground w/ Related Records and Topaz.  RAW: A New Approach at Tempe Public Library Music Videos fromRead More →

The Deer Leader The Deer LeaderThe Deer Leader is one of those bands that we kept hearing about long before we saw them. Then we saw them and we understood what all the buzz was about. Since that time we’ve been patiently awaiting the band’s first album and this weekRead More →

Everybody who doesn’t get out to shows too often should definitely make a point of getting out to see something this week. Choose one of these and we promise you’ll hear something special. In addition to our Five Valley Picks, we’re adding some around the state shows worth a roadRead More →

This weekend marks the official launch of Rubber Brother Records, Phoenix’s newest and perhaps most promising music label. Yet another entity to emerge from the unceasingly creative mind of Robbie Pfeffer, Rubber Brother Records already signed many of the weird art bands I already love and a bunch of weirdRead More →