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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Hush Baby, an activist collective and zine, celebrated their one year anniversary this past weekend and marked the occasion with the release of their fifth zine and a rocknroll show featuring some of the Valley’s happening young talents including Diners, Lai, Nanami Ozone, Pro Teens,Read More →

2015 awards recap 00

Well there you have it folks, our 2015 Awards are done! Now that this month has flown by and we find ourselves eleven twelfths closer to the end of the year, it’s time to begin our regularly scheduled programming. We’re going for gold this year with new content and features soRead More →

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First and foremost, there were a number of tremendous musical works to emerge from Arizona during the previous year. But, in the end, we knew that the latest release from Sweetbleeders was hands down the best album we heard in 2015. From start to finish, We Were Never Here stands out with itsRead More →

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Alrighty, folks, this is where we lay it all on the line and each member of staff gets to name their favorite band/album from the preceding year. Awards’ month is a contentious time for us, but everyone came through in the end with their banner held high for their personalRead More →

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Best Music Videos of 2015: 15. Numb Bats “To Die” Director: Michelle Blades 14. MRCH “Highway Drivin’” Director: Frank Thomas 13. decker. “O.D.B.” Director: Matty Steinkamp 12 Giant Sand “Transponder” Director: Lucy Dyson 11. PRO TEENS “Mona” Director: Michael J Buckius 10. Captain Squeegee “Seek” Director: Matty Steinkamp 9. Gardens & Villa “Fixations” Director: Austin M. Kearns 8.Read More →

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Brandon Decker of the band decker. keeps himself busy these days. In between playing more than 150 shows, he managed to release one of the best albums of 2015 – Patsy. Through a hectic tour schedule, he is slowly amassing a following that stretches from coast to coast. We managed to catchRead More →

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The dark and dreamy EP Lonna Kelley released in the Spring of 2015 immediately captured our hearts and ears. Take Me Home Spiderman is a stunning, six-track solo endeavor from Kelley who also performs with Cherie Cherie, Happy Plaza, and Giant Sand. Each song is impossibly beautiful; harrowing in one breath, uplifting in theRead More →

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In the past year, Harrison Fjord came seemingly out of nowhere to become a staple on the local music scene. They went from coffee shops to playing to a full house at the Crescent Ballroom and engendering a music video that had received nearly sixty thousand views at our lastRead More →

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Every year an extraordinary singer tends to stand out amongst the others, often for the possession of a lithe, ethereal voice. Anamieke of Treasurefruit has all that but she brings an extra splash of feistiness. Her band’s 2015 release, Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert, combines Anamieke’s scintillating vocal styles with some serious (andRead More →

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Aside from keeping busy playing shows with the Gemseekers, Dominic promotes other local artists through his journalistic efforts for the Arizona Republic and Phoenix New Times and works with Onus Records to release a free song through Bandcamp for local music aficionados for Heritage Hump Day. And did I mention he also wrote aRead More →

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Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra combines a global sound with a long roster of musical heavy-hitters for a big band effect that shakes the walls as it enlivens the soul. I suppose, when your band roster includes 15 names, your likelihood of “bringing the party” with you to shows goes way up.Read More →