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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor For a band that chose the name “Sonoran Chorus” over “Business Cats”, they are doing surprisingly well for themselves. Born from the ashes of 2014’s best pun-based-band-name Leonardo DiCapricorn, Sonoran Chorus not only steps up the smarts in band naming, but in ridiculously good rocknrollRead More →

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JJCnV Leathered, Weathered, and Feathered The best part of having a new JJCnV release on the list for coverage is that every time someone at HQ suggests switching to a new album I get to yell, “Hey, I’m working!” After weeks of endless listening, I’m not quite ready to giveRead More →

Leonardo DiCapricorn won our award for “Best New Band” last year and, almost as exciting, they came down to Radio Phoenix to join us on the air to share some of their favorite bands! You can listen to that show here in podcast form. The complete playlist can be foundRead More →

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It was just one year ago that I first heard about a little band called Leonardo DiCapricorn. I’m always game for a clever name, a name I heard scored a booking Robbie Pfeffer of Rubber Brother Records on its merits alone. But would the music live up to the clevernessRead More →

Mouse Powell “Love Is” Logan Greene Electric “Get Over It” WLFPCK “Vibrations”  The Bittersweet Way “Would You Like to Go to the Rock and Roll Show?” Leonardo DiCapricorn “NUNU”  Read More →


Rubber Brother Records fostered a cassette revival in the Valley of the Sun. Averaging more than one cassette release per week over the course of their very first year. The label decided to take part in this year’s Cassette Store Day – tape culture’s answer to Record Store Day –Read More →

Bear Ghost Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste! Okay, so this band’s been around for nearly four years and I am only now discovering Bear Ghost outta Mesa, AZ? How could this have happened? I mean, this album came out in April and I’m only now hearingRead More →

Leonardo DiCapricorn // Red Tank!  Nerf War This split cassette release off the Rubber Brother Records label out of Tempe comes with a walloping seven tracks as opposed to the usual 2×2 we get find on splits. Somehow that feels like an extra bargain once you get into the goodnessRead More →


Mouse Powell “Two Weeks” Black Mountain Moonshine “Arizona Blues” Leonardo DiCapricorn “J-NO” The Black Moods “Say It For The Last Time” Anxious feat. Raxx “Bananas”Read More →

Leonardo DiCapricorn Vice-VersaceI was a little nervous just before I hit the play icon for “J-NO”, the first track from Leonardo DiCapricorn’ first release. After all, how can a band possible live up to a name as good as Leonardo DiCapricorn? One the one hand, puns are the lowest formRead More →