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Celebration Guns “Great Again” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Lauren Ruth Ward “Sheet Stains” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Diā “Valentine” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Vaarwell “Stay” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Ryan Cassata “Daughter” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Domiciles “Common Language” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Paper Foxes “Pop Confessions” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram La Bête Blooms “Take Arms” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jane N’ The Jungle “Open Road” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Eva et Ménades “Le brouillard de l’alcool” Facebook –Read More →

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by Carly Schorman – Sure Sure “Giants” That mild chill in the air has me thinking wistful springtime thoughts and this new single from Sure Sure isn’t helping matters in the least. The airy feel of this buoyant new track has me thinking about ditching the boots and sweaters forRead More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Well, Hell” If you’re a regular reader, then you probably already know I’m quite vocal for the music of Lauren Ruth Ward. And, if you’re not, then you’ve been missing out BIG TIME. The L.A. transplant has a voice that will break your heart, but she hasRead More →

Lauren Ruth Ward “Did I Offend You” The Cold Seas “Where is My Head” Cotillon “I Like People” Carroll “Red Giant” The Brevet “Upholder” Malory “Rapture” John Dylan “Get Beyond”  Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” Usually it’s Lauren Ruth Ward’s sultry Americana swagger that has us all wound up, but this week it looks like Ward is ready for rowdy and rocking. “Blue Collar Sex Kitten” is the latest hit to come out the songwriting partnership between L.A.-basedRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – I have a thing for Lauren Ruth Ward. It’s not like a sexual thing; it’s definitely a music thing. However, the feeling is so intense that the previous statement might not make it any less uncomfortable at this point. Now, the first time I heardRead More →

Emily Afton “Golden Mountain” Lauren Ruth Ward “Heart in the States” Upsahl “Digital Papers” Steve Benjamins “Silence” Danielle Durack “Monster” German Error Message “2017” Yankie “When the Earth Starts to Dance”  Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Burden” Strange Lot “Born” High Waisted “Trust” Hypoluxo “Fronts” Nick Flessa “Michigan” Livingmore “Really Mean It” The Cats Never Sleep “Wide Open”Read More →

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Lauren Ruth Ward “Make Love to Myself” Whiskey Kiss “Keep It To Myself” Mad Anthony “Wookie Slows It Down” Sexy Jesus “Friends” Ripsy May “Dare” The Real Fits “Sundown” Brickabrack “Patriot”Read More →