Kongos “Take It From Me” Technicolor Hearts “Would You Come Back to Me?” Laura and the Killed Men “Heaven’s Daughter” Miner “Better Instincts” Steff Koeppen “Celebrate”Read More →

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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor I’ve been enchanted by the vocal stylings of Laura Kepner-Adney for years now (proof here) so the emergence of Laura and the Killed Men with their debut EP last year caused considerable stir down at YabYumHQ. The band recently completed their follow-up effort, Everchanging Trail, dueRead More →

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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The latest release from Laura and the Killed Men is perhaps the album I’m most anticipating this May and there are some serious contenders on that list. The 6-track EP, One Bell, offers a timeless Americana certain to enchant listeners of every age. On One Bell, an earthenRead More →

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Every year we like to acknowledge one vocalist of matchless talent, the one who really put the wind in our sails with every note. Laura Kepner-Adney definitely met that criteria. The Tucson songbird might be known for her work with the harmoniously rustic Silver Thread Trio or retro rockers The Cordials,Read More →

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By Matt Marn Staff Writer Every song is different. Ask Tucson group Sun Bones, and they will tell you all four members had a big role in writing different parts of the songs on their debut album, Sentinel Peak. “It’s really different from song to song, from person to person,”Read More →

KONGOS “Come With Me Now” Fairy Bones “Waiting” Laura and the Killed Men “Secrets on a Postcard” Steff and the Articles “What a Terrible Thing to Do” Bigbadwolf “Flavors” Captain Baby “Olive In the Ocean”Read More →