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Chris Cron “Fake News” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Danielle Deckard “Honey” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram D.A. Stern “Isn’t  It Obvious” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jackie Venson “Don’t Lie to Me” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Chuck Ramsey “One of Us” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp BelgraveRead More →

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Tru Vonne “Alright” Eamon “I Got Soul” Harrison Brome “Body High” Jackie Venson “Flying” Bette Smith “Man Child” Georgia Blackwell “Fever” Francois Klark “Spaceman”Read More →

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AJJ “White Worms” Live at Little Elephant The Stakes “Master Blaster” Jackie Venson “Rollin’ On” Blaenavon “Alice Come Home” Needle Time “For Millions of Miles” Time | Wise “The Girl from Ipanema” Sensae “Lamb Chop”Read More →

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Canyon City “Fireworks” This dreamy number from Nashville-based indie/folk musician/producer Paul Johnson, who performs under the name Canyon City, will enter your ears and soothe your soul with its gentle musicality and thoughtful lyricism. Intricate guitar work gives “Fireworks” a lavish, melodic sound despite the minimal approach. The single comes to usRead More →