by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor I’ve been a fan of Good Friends Great Enemies ever since their 2012 self-titled debut, a release that went on to win our award for Album of the Year. Since their inception the band has continually pushed their own boundaries, exploring and incorporating different genresRead More →

by Song River Staff Writer The Phoenix local scene holds some truly great jam bands. Mill’s End, when experienced live, brings a powerhouse element to the sounds of a fully engaged jam session. Check out their new EP, The Swann Sessions, and catch them at one of the many venues they willRead More →

Song River interviews Danny Torgensen, the trumpet-wielding frontman of Captain Squeegee. The band just returned from New York and will be playing Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend!  – Song River: Since Captain Squeegee’s inception, around 2003, the claim of no original founding members taunts your bio headline. How hasRead More →

Song River chats with Luna Aura about music, societal conventions, and her upcoming tour!  – Song River: I was sitting in the early morning hours listening to Super Nova.  Your first EP release showcases a lot of diversity. How close is the expression you’ve given on Super Nova to who you areRead More →

Song River of YabYum talks with Kelsee Ishmael from Harper and the Moths who are currently working on a new EP due out early next year.  – Song River: I read your bio description and it says, “Sexy indie rock n roll…” – doesn’t everything independent just exude sexy? Kelsee:Read More →

Song River chats with Yod from the band Fu who recently released their new EP titled, I.  – Song River: First off, I have to ask because no one seems to be sure… pronunciation of “Fu?” Yod: It is pronounced: “PHOO.” SR: Where did the name originate? Yod: It’s aRead More →

Song River of YabYum chats with Brandon Blaise of The Counterfeit Party for The Hay Girls Show! – Song River: It has been a little over a year since The Counterfeit Party formed, correct? Brandon Blaise: Yes, and we’ve been busy writing and recording, as well as adjusting to our currentRead More →