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by Carly Schorman – I’m quite the fan of Emotional Response Records. Ever since their inception back in 2013, the indie label based out of Flagstaff, Arizona has put out some seriously stellar albums featuring bands from both near and far. In addition to a rather respectable catalog, Emotional ResponseRead More →

Bogan Via “When You Fall in Love” Ace Harper “Neon Heart” The Blow “The Woman You Want Her To Be” Burning Palms “Nightstalker” King Black Acid and the Crystal Unicorn “The Best Lies” Foil of the Stars “Dark Army” Makoto Kino “Worship Eyes”  Read More →

Wyves “Bitch Has Got Problems” The Phoenix four-piece known as Wyves is known for sassy and sexy rocknroll. In fact, their brand of rock harkens back to the 1970s when the phrase “Sex, Drugs, and Rocknroll” was first coined (no surprise).  Wyves’ latest single, “Bitch Has Got Problems”, is asRead More →

Sunday at Noon “Like the Last Time” QTY “Dress/Undress” Veseria “Zenobia” Oak House “Cut That Out” MRYGLD “Cool Kids” Late Night Episode “Golden Age” Leland Sundries “Greyhound from Reno”  Read More →

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Herbert Walker “Paycheck Song”  Absolutely Not “Strictly Top” Jesus on Heroine “Ardhanarishvara” Rozy, Miko and Machi “Free Willie” Mauves “Eh Fille” Dinosaur Love “Kill the Illuminati” Arthr “Balloon”Read More →

Flower Festival “proverbs” The experimental indie act known as Flower Festival released a two-track single earlier this August perfect for that final stretch of hazy heat only those of us in the Sonoran can really understand. Start by stretching out underneath your best ceiling fan on full blast and allowRead More →

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Magana “Inches Apart” Celeste “The Milk & The Honey” Banfi “She Comes Home” The Naked Eye “Burned” JONAH “Wicked Fever” Queen Alaska “Under My Skin” Super Pyramid “The Road to Tyranny”Read More →

Lauren Ruth Ward “Did I Offend You” The Cold Seas “Where is My Head” Cotillon “I Like People” Carroll “Red Giant” The Brevet “Upholder” Malory “Rapture” John Dylan “Get Beyond”  Read More →

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Nelson Can “Move Forward” The Danish trio known as Nelson Can uses drums, vocals, and bass (no guitar) to create their grungy rock sound and I fucking love it. There’s all sorts of rowdy crammed into Nelson Can and you can hear that energy on their new single, “Move Forward”.Read More →

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Soy Christmas “Oh No” This duo out of Saint James [NY] does a lot with a little. Combining vibrant vocals with bedroom electro pop, Soy Christmas creates an effervescent indie sound that I’m all about. “Oh No” comes wrapped in the approachability of a thrift-store sweater: warm, a little nerdy,Read More →

Fairy Bones “No One Can Suffer Like I Can” All-Night Visitors “Animal Mind” Whispering Wires “No Buddies” The Linecutters “Anxiety” The Dead-On “Lovesick” Zipheads “No 2 Ways About It” Welshly Arms “Legendary”Read More →

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Gestures & Sounds “Ass Over Tea Kettle”  Charly Bliss “Westermarck”  J.D. King “Midnight Rendezvous”  Saint Cecilia “We Know Us” Long Teeth “Nice Guys” Michelle Wake “A Soiree” Amber Mark “Monsoon”Read More →