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Kacy Hill “Hard to Love” Benjamin Love “Star Shaker” LINES “Weekends” Boy Epic “Trust” The Glowsticks “Time”  Mahmut Orhan “Save Me” July Jones “Jump In The Water”Read More →

Best Dog Award 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Those fuzzy, lovable Tucson surf(ish) rockers known as Best Dog Award are back with their new album, We Can Be Happy, recorded by Matt Rendon at his Midtown Island Studio. But, as often with the good news, comes the bad – the band isn’t actuallyRead More →

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RØMANS “Happy Love” Chase Cole “Make It Right” Dagny “Wearing Nothing” Bergfilm “Nostalgic Love” Cody Johns “There You Are” Stacey “First Move” Jay Putty “All I Need”Read More →

LAIKIPIA “Down Down” Kan Wakan “Still Feather” Black Fly “Song 2” Hamster “City Limits” SNST “Maybe We’ve Got It” Yoke Lore “World Wings” Lilac Lungs “Uh-Oh”Read More →

Absofacto “Light Outside” Thomas Dybdahl “Just a Little Bit” Inner Tongue “Underworld” Emmi “Talk To Me” Nick de la Hoyde “Love Takes Time” moon:and:6 “Houston (It’s Hard to Know When Your Heart Is Letting Go)” D-Pulse “Anna”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The Fontaines “Vacancy” The Fontaines might describe their sound as “New-Wop from L.A.” but I would definitely cite more New Wave influence than Do-Wop on their latest single, “Vacancy”. Ethereal vocals and a chill pop vibe make for a seriously catchy number. “Vacancy” comes toRead More →

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B O K E H “Don’t Leave the Fire” Pale Rivers “August 6th” Flagship “Midnight” John Adams “See You Again” Freddy Hale “Troublemaker” Anna Wise “Balance in All” Galen Crew “Fragrance”Read More →

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Venture “Sober” Chymes “Oracle” The Ghost of Helags “Under My Skin” Andrew Goldring “Cosmic Dance” Erin McCarley “Out of the Fog” DYAN “Reality” Belle Noble “Instinct”Read More →

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Olivia O’Brien “Empty” Jeffrey James “Hand Grenade” Erin McCarley “Good” Olivia Cipolla “Room Service” Sidnie Tipton “President” Cali De La Rosa “Summer Baby” Madeline Juno “No Words”  Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Max Knouse Dinasaur from Jensen If this is an audiobook, it’s the most beautiful audiobook ever. On Dinasaur from Jensen [sic], Max Knouse seems to follow a bit of the Jeff Mangum/Aeroplane Over the Sea approach to record-making by creating an elaborate and elusive narrative that plays out overRead More →

best indie pop

It sure feels like we’ve been following Diners for quite some time. Back in 2012, we gave them the award for Best New Band and, since then, we’ve watched as the band continued to grow their sound (and fanbase) without losing the heartwarming innocence that stands at the core ofRead More →