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Gutxi Bibang “System of a Gun” Modern Diet “Red Eye” Keels “Surrender” Crystal Cities “Good Life” Finn Kleffmann “Every Teardrop” Golden Halos “Flicker” Crow’s Feet “Hesitator”Read More →

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Casey Hopkins “Touch” Snake! Snake! Snakes! “Numb” Candy Cigarettes “My 45” Dirt Friends “My Guts” The Molochs “You And Me” The Well Rested “Towers” Tom Misch “Watch Me Dance”Read More →

by Song River Staff Writer Seneca and the River came together in the Summer of 2013 to enter a competition in Los Angeles. After the student band took first place, most everyone decided to stick around outside the original project. Over time, the original twelve became today’s four band members.Read More →

  The Bittersweet Way heavens The Bittersweet Way has been on the scene for quite some time now with more than a decade under their belt. And their latest release heavens might be my favorite album to date from the Phoenix duo. Garage indie pop with a distinctive nod towardRead More →