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Callum Pitt “Least He’s Happy” This promising new artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne uses a breathtaking falsetto and vivifying instrumental energy to bring life to his latest single, “Least He’s Happy”. Drawing from influences like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, Callum Pitt is definitely set to shape out his own nicheRead More →

DONCAT “LA in ’83” Celebration Guns “(Probably) Worth It)”  Honest Haloway “Let Her Down”  Sleepy Sun “Seaquest”  Josiah and the Bonnevilles “Please” Comptalo “Repent” Pipe-eye “Private Little Holiday”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The Fuzzy Crystals “The King is Dead” Are you ready for the transcendental expierence that is The Fuzzy Crystals? These spaced-out pysch rockers from California (where else?) create a dynamic sound that will have you wandering through the acidic flower fields of our hippieRead More →

LP “Tightrope” Traktorkestar “So Low” CAT “Hard to be a Woman” Jeremy Tuplin “Where the Light Ends” Lucia Scansetti “Basal Flame” Carmen Rosa “Give Me Love” Pyke “Follow Me”Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – Huckleberry “Working Backwards” PHX Americana favorites, Huckleberry, are gearing up for a brand new album. Yes folks, on April 7th, Huckleberry will be releasing their latest LP on limited edition vinyl. In prelude to this momentous occasion, the band shared a couple early tracksRead More →

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Billy Moon “I W K” moonweather “Burn Me” Livingmore “Dead Fruit” Phantom Party “Tunnel of Love” Bad Flamingo “Valley of Fire” Black Lime “Fight or Flight” Folly Tree “My Emptiness”Read More →

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Venture “Sweet to Me” Marc Scibilia “Summer Clothes” fb: marcscibilia // tw: marcscibilia Headphone Hair “Bleeding Game” Sea Offs “Unfound” V O I D “Chapter II” Tom Tukker “Rain is Gone”Read More →

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The Foster Family Band “How Can I?” This single is the opening track from the debut EP by The Foster Family. Now, this is a release that I’ve been waiting for. “How Can I?” offers up a bluesy introduction to the unique sounds of The Foster Family Band; a seven-pieceRead More →

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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Things That Aren’t Words Remember the Details The Tucson five-piece known as Things That Aren’t Words released their 5-track debut in April. Remember the Details achieves that compelling combination of sweet and somber with an enchanting musicality and poetic lyrics. “Your Heart is an Ocean” opens the EP, drawingRead More →