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We invited horizon i down to Radio Phoenix before the band went into the studio to record at 513 Studios. They brought along some tracks to share from some of their favorite local acts. The complete playlist can be found below. Playlist: horizon i “figures” Field Tripp “Dust Circuit Blues”Read More →

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Artists are always on the struggle. That’s why we all have to help each other from time to time in order to ensure that art continues to be made. And, for your thoughtful contributions, you can score yourself some awesome awards! Check out these 5 Fabu Fundraisers from Arizona artists below…Read More →

The Venomous Pinks “Can We Go?” The Thin Bloods “Peter Was a Virus” Horizon I “Figures” Whiskey Kiss “Dangerous One” American Standards “Harvester”Read More →

Given enough studio time, anyone can sound like a million bucks on an album (maybe). Making a live album, however, can be a bit more difficult for some folks. It’s sort of like proving your salt, showing your chops, throwing your skills down… I’ll stop. A live album can offerRead More →

I don’t know what surprises me more: how incredibly busy the Roosevelt area is on First Friday or how incredibly not busy this downtown center is on other nights. Roosevelt Row businesses have been working to transform this occasional surge of people into a steady stream of sustaining interest inRead More →

OK gang, head’s up! The first ever Sidepony Express Music Festival will be in held in Bisbee, AZ from Nov. 16-18. Why is this so important, you ask? Well, how about the fact that 30+ Arizona acts will be participating in the event that stretches over six different venues inRead More →

If you don’t know by now, AIDS Walk Phoenix is only 5 days away. And this year there is a ton of great AZ talent encircling the event! Bluzone, Mills End, Hellbilly Motorcade, Horizon i, Desert Overture, and the Epik Dance Company are just some the entertainment you’ll see whenRead More →

Well it’s been a minute since we posted any videos and a whole assortment have come to our attention! If you’re an Arizona band and you would like to see your video included on our site, email us a link at yymeditors@gmail.com! Peachcake – “The World Is Our Platform To MeanRead More →