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Lumberjerk Records is putting out its first compilation, Strait Outta Comp, and it combines two of our favorite things: good music and a good cause. The label, and its forthcoming compilation, are the brainchild of Justin Weir (of Celebrations Guns fame) and features a smorgasbord of Arizona alt- and indie- artists,Read More →

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Holy Fawn “Arrows” Flora Cash “Roses on Your Dress” Acorn Bcorn “Evil” Danielle Durack “San Francisco”  Tai Chi Tommy “Buried Under Your Love” Resin “Hoarse” Witterquick “Shattered Suns”  Read More →

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Carly Schorman Senior Editor Fingers and Cream “Back in Anger” Fair Warning: the emotional power of this track can sneak up and overwhelm you. “Back in Anger” by Fingers and Cream comes to us from the band’s forthcoming EP, John Lingers, which will be released through Kromatick Records out of Paris. The bandRead More →

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Holy Fawn “Reykur” Sivan Talmor “Fire” Jared & The Mill “Keep Me Going” Grace Joyner “Dreams” Bryant Vazquez “S.A.D.” Rathbone “Repeat Violence” Whesli “Lost Love” [removed by artist]Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor Digital Persuasion “Bad Moon” Don’t even get me started on chillwave. For some reason, this word is attached to every unbearably boring album assembled in some suburbanite’s bedroom. When I saw the descriptor “chillwave” on Digital Persuasion’s new two-track release, I grew nauseous… it had alreadyRead More →

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Ambient-acid-indie band HOLY FAWN released their debut EP, Realms, this past December and now they’re ready to debut their music video for “Glóandi” right here, right now. But first, a few words about the video from HOLY FAWN’s Ryan Osterman… YabYum: So, tell me about making the video. Who directed it? WhoRead More →

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold “Killing Floor” The Americana duo self-described as the “bastard child of rock, alt-country, blues, Appalachia, and bluegrass” has put out a foot-stomping single called “Killing Floor”. This lively number is the first single from their forthcoming album, recorded at Audioconfusion by Jalipaz and the lateRead More →

Holy Fawn  “Colossus” Holy Fawn is the new musical endeavor brought to you by the makers of Owl & Penny; the mysitical, nature-based, indie folk outfit we know and love. “Colossus” marks the debut of Holy Fawn which takes the otherworldy soundscapes we’ve heard from Ryan Osterman before (see Sownbones)Read More →