Zella Day “Hypnotic” Head Over Heart “I Don’t Mind”   Good Friends Great Enemies “Who You Are” The Pleasure Victims “Broken” Lindy Vision “Pink and Black”Read More →

Head Over Heart “Fall Back in Love” The Garden “All Smiles” La Cerca “Climate Control” we happy “Things You Heard” Darkness Dear Boy “Princess Charming”Read More →

Jordan Prather and Clay Dudash of Tucson’s Commerical Appeal Records came down to Radio Phoenix along with labelmate Belinda Esquer (of Head Over Heart). The complete playlist can be found below! Complete Playlist: Head Over Heart “Fall Back in Love” Clay Dudash “Shore for Cranes” Jess Matsen “Coward Island” KatterwaulRead More →

decker. “O.D.B.” Hasty Escape “Filthier Things” Head Over Heart “No Sleep” No Volcano “New York Drugstore”  Wolvves “Atlas”Read More →

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The Prowling Kind “Melted Together” Director: Frank Thomas Futuristic “That Thang” Director: Jakob Owens Prom Body “My Paradise” Director: Ryan Glenn Burning Palms “Pyramids” Director: Rory O’Rear Captain Squeegee “The Factory” Director: Matty Steinkamp The Thin Bloods “Peter Was A Virus” Director: Ryan Lee Caldwell Samuel L Cool J “Slip and Slide” Director: GrantRead More →

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The electro pop duo outta Tucson known as Head Over Heart combines the musical efforts of Jordan Prather and Belinda Peters. These two movers and shakers have pushed their band beyond the confines of the Old Pueblo and into earholes everywhere. That might have something to do with Commerical AppealRead More →

Head Over Heart  “You and Me” Japhy’s Descent “The Pocket” Soft Deadlines “Venice is Sinking” The Darling Sounds “Chemistry” Human Behavior “Chapter 1”Read More →