Jaded “In the Morning” Harper and the Moths “Chemicals” RAC “This Song” Lindi Ortega “Til the Goin’ Gets Gone” The New Electric “T-Shirt” SUNDNCR “We Dance to Remember” Dutch Melrose “Fame on Her”  Read More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor lost valley lost valley Brooklyn’s lost valley proves you can do a little with a lot. On his self-titled debut, you’ll find 11 stripped-down tracks of some of the best bedroom pop I’ve heard in quite some time. “ctl” kicks off the release with somethingRead More →

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Harper and the Moths “Lose My Touch”  Phoenix 5-piece, Harper and the Moths, brings dance-worthy energy to both their live performances and this new single, “Lose My Touch”. Incorporating a variety of musical innovations from the synth layers to the funky horns, Harper and the Moths creates a distinctive brandRead More →

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Harper and the Moths “Walking Through Fire” Fairy Bones “Notes From Wonderland” Huckleberry “Bad News” Jerusafunk “Gateway Movement” DWARF “Misinformed”Read More →

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer ‘Mrrrica…you gotta love it, right? Land of the free, home of the brave. A nation ripe with brilliant minds coming up with the next big thing like Facebook, YouTube, Uber, Google, Tesla Motors, etc. But when I think of ‘Mrrrica and all things ripe, IRead More →

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Alrighty, folks, this is where we lay it all on the line and each member of staff gets to name their favorite band/album from the preceding year. Awards’ month is a contentious time for us, but everyone came through in the end with their banner held high for their personalRead More →

Song River of YabYum talks with Kelsee Ishmael from Harper and the Moths who are currently working on a new EP due out early next year.  – Song River: I read your bio description and it says, “Sexy indie rock n roll…” – doesn’t everything independent just exude sexy? Kelsee:Read More →

Harper and the Moths “Nighttime Tremors” Sundressed “Naked” Red Tank! “Sovereignty” Sol Drop “Woah!” SURF “National City”Read More →