fair mothers

Music Video of the Day: “Harpy” by Fair Mothers

Brooding, heavily-textured, alt-folk is definitely my kinda thing and Fair Mothers gets it so right on their latest single. More a smoldering coal that slow-burn because “Harpy” never really catches fire. It just seethes with hidden heat, like a wound not yet healed. Kevin Allan, the musician behind Fair Mothers, delivers lyrics in a gutted voice only to be punctuated by the anguished vocals of Glasgow-based US artist Faith Eliott just before the song comes to its close. Get into the gothic folk of the new single, “Harpy.”

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goldent gate bridge title

The Mortician’s Daughter: The Golden Gate Bridge

In this episode, we discuss the architectural marvel known as the Golden Gate Bridge to explore the more mysterious and macabre points of its history. From the Halfway to Hell Club that formed during its construction to its contemporary status as the second most popular suicide bridge in the world, The Golden Gate has more than its fair share of tales to chill you to your core… if you dare to listen.

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