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By Ashley Naftule – “I sing something into the air — that’s where it starts for me.” Katie Haverly is telling the oldest story in the book: In the beginning was the Word. Nothing, split open into the fullness of life by a vowel, a note, a vibration humming outRead More →

by Brent Miles Staff Writer Most of the music emanating from Tucson bears some sort of influence from prolific (German-born Tucsonan) guitarist Rainer Ptacek, who passed away from a brain tumor in 1997. It isn’t necessarily a strictly overt musical influence but something more enigmatic. This is apparent on theRead More →

by Rosie Magana Contributing Writer Maybe you haven’t yet heard of chicha music? Maybe you’ve never even swayed to the rhythm of cumbia? If you fall into either of these groups, I have an amazing suggestion for you: Chicha Dust, a Tucson band who puts a psychedelic spin on PeruvianRead More →

Gabriel Sullivan “Hollow Hunter” Calabrese “Flesh and Blood” The Jonestown Band “Yo, Billy Got a Knife” The Thin Bloods “Colleen” Yus “The Way”Read More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Gabriel Sullivan is a prolific songwriter – he’s written literally hundreds of songs in the last year, posting them to his SoundCloud as part of a challenge he set himself to write one every day. He’s also a prolific collaborator, working with such respected TucsonRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “You can’t take stuff back, man. You can’t change it.” Billy Sedlmayr is sitting in his tiny midtown apartment, smoking a cigarette. There’s a picture of Rainer hanging on the wall, a poster for a show with Gabe Sullivan, family pictures, a few crosses. “IRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Gabe Sullivan, all in black, met me at the Tap Room at Congress and ordered a mezcal (his girlfriend had instructed him not to order any beer, because he was getting a cold). Though he’s lived here all his life, he’s only really come intoRead More →

decker. “Cellars“ Some folks might say a giant release show at the Sail Inn is quite a lot of effort to put into the release of a single, but when that track is the famed 9+ minute closer from a band as popular as decker., the celebratory party markings itsRead More →