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Closing the Distance is a new series in which we expose artists with desert roots who have since moved to other locales. Let’s bring this community a little closer together. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Small Leaks Sink Ships got their start right here in the Valley of the Sun tenRead More →

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Treasure Mammal “Cassette” Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Sunset Voodoo “Sweet Release” Blank Waves “All In You” Futuristic x Devon Terrell “Bodied”Read More →

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Best Music Videos of 2015: 15. Numb Bats “To Die” Director: Michelle Blades 14. MRCH “Highway Drivin’” Director: Frank Thomas 13. decker. “O.D.B.” Director: Matty Steinkamp 12 Giant Sand “Transponder” Director: Lucy Dyson 11. PRO TEENS “Mona” Director: Michael J Buckius 10. Captain Squeegee “Seek” Director: Matty Steinkamp 9. Gardens & Villa “Fixations” Director: Austin M. Kearns 8.Read More →

Asian Fred “Jonestown Shuffle” Cillie Barnes “Veranda” from SoulPancake Sidewalk Sessions Futuristic “Bedroom Bars Ep. 1” Emby Alexander “Behaves Like Beehives” from La Comuna Rooftop Michelle Blades “Subtropical Suburban” from POPnewsRead More →

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Futuristic The Rise Futuristic might arguably be the most prominent Arizona HipHop artist on the scene at the moment. Once you listen to The Rise you might have an idea as to why. The album opens with an homage to another famed AZ resident: “The Greatest” or Muhammed Ali. As theRead More →

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Futuristic “I Be That” C.Young feat Elena Merino “Blue Enigma” Injury Reserve “Whatever Dude” Buxaburn “Rebel’s Delight” Dre Polo “Get Money All Day”Read More →

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The Prowling Kind “Melted Together” Director: Frank Thomas Futuristic “That Thang” Director: Jakob Owens Prom Body “My Paradise” Director: Ryan Glenn Burning Palms “Pyramids” Director: Rory O’Rear Captain Squeegee “The Factory” Director: Matty Steinkamp The Thin Bloods “Peter Was A Virus” Director: Ryan Lee Caldwell Samuel L Cool J “Slip and Slide” Director: GrantRead More →

Zero Zero “You Know What You Do” Andy Warpigs“Drown My Baby” The Black Moods “Don’t Let Them Get You Down” Futuristic“Change” jaguarsun“Belize”Read More →

Vagabond Gods “Turkish” _ The Limit Club “Seven Rusty Blades” _ Yung Dre “Bulletproof” _ The Cold Desert “Pilgrim Standing Still” _ Futuristic – ft. KYLE & SK4MC “I’m A Problem”Read More →

Calabrese “The Dead Don’t Rise” Clay Dudash “Pretty Please” Ex-Cowboy  “Silent Movie” The Black Moods  “Hey You” Wanda Junes “However You Want It”Read More →

The Haymarket Squares – “16 Tons” (From the Arthouse Soundtrack) Calabrese- “Ghostwolves” The Riveras- “Siren Song” Futuristic – “Long Days, Cold Nights” Huckleberry – “Sail Away” on Driving With Gass 2-27-13Read More →