top pop 2014

Stephen Steinbrink Arranged Waves The melodic pop of Stephen Steinbrink is startling not only for its astonishing beauty, but for the way the music seems to effortlessly envelop the listener in an ocean of gentle sounds that bring on a sense of calm as it forces you down a pathRead More →

Stephen Steinbrink “Sand Mandalas” from The Trundle Sessions Future Loves Past “Runners” from The Living Room Sessions Sacred Destinies “Wide Hide” from The Trundle Sessions Gabo Fayuca & Jason DeVore “Shoot It Up” on the Airstream Sessions Emby Alexander “Echo Emby + Sexting My Friends” from TUF (The Underground Foundation)Read More →

The Psychedelephants Asymmetrical Geometry The much anticipated release of Asymmetrical Geometry from The Psychedelephants came after a year long hiatus from the band. And I, for one, could not wait to get my hands on a copy. I’d remembered catching the band live (probably at the Rogue) before they took their breakRead More →

Future Loves PastOur Solar System Fans of Future Loves Past might remember Our Solar System from the preview the band offered concert-goers last December. In prelude to the recording of Our Solar System, the newest project from local rockers turned Los Angeles residents, the band performed the album in itsRead More →

Best Band Gone Wild Video:Bogan Via “Kanye”We love the video for “Kanye” by Bogan Via (directed by Freddie Paull) but it does offer a disturbing look at the band’s career should the whole music thing not work out. Best Debut Video:Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special “Down by the Water”SaraRead More →

So here’s the deal: we at YabYum love Future Loves Past. It seems like forever ago now that we saw them perform at Mesa’s Second Friday. We rocked the shit out of the Future Loves Past EP when it came out. And sure, we mentioned Lush Fest and “Grow UpRead More →

decker. “Shadow Days” The Prowling Kind “Tennessee” Owl & Penny “Candy Teeth” Future Loves Past “Grow Up Tall” The Wiley One “Shallow Water”Read More →

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Sad Songs” Hometown heroes Andrew Jackson Jihad are gearing up to release a live album recorded at none other than Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom. The first single from the live album is now available through Andrew Jackson Jihad’s bandcamp page here along with a pre-order option. “Sad Songs” quicklyRead More →

So some of you might say, “What’s the deal? Two Last Exit Live shows back to back of each other both get picked for the week?!” My only answer: Look at the line-ups of both shows! Add that to the fact that Zero Zero’s show is a live album recordingRead More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Deon Doughty. Throughout the years, I have found a lot of unique ways to express myself artistically, including: painting, music, poetry, film making, acting, directing, lighting, promoting, graphic design and my bread and butter, web development. Currently my creativeRead More →

Future Loves Past – “Mean Love” The Quakes – “Dark Shadows” You Me & Apollo – “Before I Die” Mr. Meeble – “Star Power” Colorstore – “Everything is Sunshine”Read More →

We hear so many great albums and see so many wonderful shows throughout the year it’s impossible to cover it all… we’re understaffed and overworked and not a’one of us can call YabYum our full-time profession and we all work on our own art too and not even Mitchell Hillman can coverRead More →