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7 Rad NeoSoul + Funk Music Videos featuring Lou’ana, D Fine Us, De’Wayne Jackson, (((o))), Something Like Seduction, Kin Kanyon, Thumpasaurus | YabYum Music + Arts | your PHX guide to music everywhereRead More →

7 Rad (and Eclectic) Music Videos featuring House of Stairs, Oberon Rose, Pistoleros, RAY BLK, Delorentos, The Dream Eaters, + Fionn | YabYum Music + Arts | your PHX guide to music everywhere Read More →

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Hit Bargain “In Quiet Streets” Facebook – Instagram  Ocean Alley “Confidence” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify Thumpasaurus “Mental Karate” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Simple Man “Exit 49” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jennifer “Bloodstained Blues” Soundcloud  Monarchy “MID:NIGHT” Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – SpotifyRead More →

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Heart Society “Rocket” Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger and Benjamin Eichelberger, the married duo behind Heart Society, called the Valley home not too long ago and they have the Phoenix New Times awards to prove it. In 2015, they cashed out and bought a trailer to take their musical message to the road. FastRead More →

Dub FX “Thinking Clear” [Australia] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Maggie Bushiri “Swing Your Body” [U.S.A.] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Sokol “Contact” [Mongolia via UK] Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Gili Yalo “Selam” [Israel] Website – Facebook – Instagram Chicago Afrobeat Project “No Bad News ” [U.S.A.] Facebook – TwitterRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – After years, the wait is finally over. The Stakes, Phoenix’s premiere live hiphop band, have released their debut full-length album, Prophecy. And believe you me, the album was worth the wait. To quote a friend, “this shit is fire right here.” After years ofRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – The Hierophant, the new album by Phoenix megagroup Jerusafunk will add even more dots to your world-music map as you delve into the band’s sound. Jerusafunk isn’t confined to one region of the greater globe, but seems to draw a host of influences fromRead More →

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Those klezmer crusaders known as Jerusafunk dropped by the Radio Phoenix studios and now the podcast is available in all its deliciousness. We talk all sorts on the new record The Hierophant, the upcoming J-Funk tour, and try to find out all we can about band member side projects. NotRead More →

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Rudie Edwards “Lover Like You” VegazTaelor “Dirty T.U.B.” DOPESICKFLY “Hydroplane” Jstar “Bad Boy Stepping” Bsmiley “Get Out of My Way” Drew Vision “Without You” Total Hip Replacement “New Possibilities”Read More →