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by Amy Young – On September 8, writer and performer Ashley Naftule’s play, Ear, opens at downtown Phoenix’s Space 55. Running through October 2, this show will be the last Space 55 event at their longtime location. The building has been sold, so the ensemble is currently seeking new digs. NaftuleRead More →

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Four Chambers Press launches new community publication at Welcome Diner October 3 By Matt Marn Staff Writer Four Chambers Press is ready to launch their latest collection of works, assembled from an open call to writers in the community. “Welcome Home: Poetry and Prose for Welcome Hospitality” will serve asRead More →

Hey all you local art lovers! The time has come to offer up some community contributions to keep the cause of art moving! As an added bonus, you can score some special rewards for your support. Check out these worthy efforts below… Help North Brother Island Record Their First AlbumRead More →

A Monthly Four Chambers Press Event at Phoenix’s Valley Bar by Rosie Magana Contributing Writer Four Chambers Press ignited a quiet, caliginous corner of Valley Bar last month with Get Lit and they’re ready to do it again. Valley Bar’s quaint Rose Room with its towering bookshelves, antique end tablesRead More →

This week a new exhibit opens at the Phoenix Art Museum featuring the portraiture work of Andy Warhol. The museum will be showing works by the influential pop artist from March 4 to June 21, 2015. At Andy Warhol: Portraits more than 90 screen print paintings will be on display in addition toRead More →

By Matt Marn Staff Writer You may have seen it in storefronts around Phoenix, or at a booth off Roosevelt and Fifth Street one First Friday. You may have come across pages and pages of stories, prose, and artwork from hundreds of contributors. Some contributors are experienced writers. Some areRead More →

Have you always suspected that somewhere inside you lurked a great poet? Perhaps you suspect you might be the reincarnate of Jack Spicer? The time is ripe to test your literary ambitions. Four Chambers Press has issued a call for submissions for the inaugural release of its literary magazine andRead More →