Staff writer Chris Nunley talks with Gabi Manning who records music under the name GABI about her dreamy lo-fi debut… – Chris Nunley: Hello. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers. Gabi Manning: Hello friends. My name is Gabi Manning. I write and record my own music. I love juice, KristenRead More →

Song River of YabYum gets metaphysical in her recent interview with Brandon Decker of decker. The band is currently on tour, but they’ll be back in October just in time for the Apache Lake Music Festival. – Song River: Tales are often better told from the spirit and heart. DoRead More →

Bear State “My Baby” The shoegazey bedroom popsters of Bear State are at it again. It was just last July that the Phoenix four-piece shared their new single “Wish You Were Dead” and they’ve returned in August to offer fans another new track. I’m hoping this means there is aRead More →

by Joe Golfen Contributing Writer If you expressed their music as a color, Oliver House would be bright white. Shimmering, clean and thoughtful, the music of the Phoenix trio shines with the restrained intensity mastered by groups like Real Estate, Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils. They kick off their excellentRead More →

jared & the mill title

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Western Expansion, last year’s record from Jared & the Mill, was/is one of my favorite records, like… ever. Seriously. The width and breath of that performance was in a word, epic, and earned them a spot as the opening act for no other than BarryRead More →

copper and congress 00

I think it was something about the name that glazed over Copper & Congress in my mind. Understand, please, that many of our conversations take place in noisy, crowded, music-filled spaces. I must have walked around for at least a little while thinking the band was actually a new bar inRead More →

The Rifle

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor The Rifle’s profile reads, “Making music (secretly) in Tucson”, but after listening to Rib to Rib, the secret will soon be out about Nelene DeGuzman and her writing and musicianship. Sparse is how I would describe this record. Lo-fi is another way to characterize thisRead More →

reshaping folk

Ari and Her Banjo The One-Upman Just like the name of the band implies, on The One-Upman you find only Ari and Her Banjo creating the quirky, earthen folk that enchants the listener from the start of “Diana”, the opening track. Ari Elena, singer-songwriter behind Ari and Her Banjo, has aRead More →

Cassiopeia Sleep of Reason To borrow a line: “I rarely listen to experimental ambient abstract noise rock.” But, after listening to Cassiopeia, I think I should more often. This self-produced, three track EP is loaded with, you guessed it, noise. The good kind. “An Abstract Will” starts off with anRead More →