Harper and the Moths “Nighttime Tremors” Sundressed “Naked” Red Tank! “Sovereignty” Sol Drop “Woah!” SURF “National City”Read More →

MRCH “Highway Drivin’” Brian Lopez “Modern Man” Alta Violet “Pass the Time” The Everests “Rowena” Banshee Speak / Hoodlum Joe “Do You Have a Lighter”  Read More →

Amadoo’s Crew Bb Cesar Ruiz is the man behind Amadoo’s Crew, an almagamation of musicians in the Phoenix area that make the catchy do-wop sounds that have helped define the band. Earlier this month, Amadoo’s Crew unleashed its much anticipated debut album before heading out on short seven city tourRead More →

5 HipHop Releases featured

Futuristic The Rise Futuristic might arguably be the most prominent Arizona HipHop artist on the scene at the moment. Once you listen to The Rise you might have an idea as to why. The album opens with an homage to another famed AZ resident: “The Greatest” or Muhammed Ali. As theRead More →

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Captive Cooks Kuatto The blues-fusion five-piece known as Captive Cooks released their debut EP, Kuatto, on May 1st at Last Exit Live. I must say, for a four-track EP, Kuatto packs some serious punch. Maybe that has something to do with half the songs clocking in at over seven minutes. There are someRead More →

Brothers Gow title

by Song River Contributing Writer A formula for success necessitates a partnership of focused, committed individuals who love what they do. Keys player and vocalist Alex Gow Bastine of Brothers Gow spoke to YabYum recently about their focus, uniqueness, and commitment to their passion for music. Song River: Brothers Gow claims aRead More →

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The Desert Beats “Nothing Without You” The Desert Beats have been playing shows around the Valley for quite some time, but until now, listening to them on your own time was out. I get it. Put in the time to really develop your sound and learn to mesh well asRead More →

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Consumer Demo 2015 The 3-piece punk outfit from Phoenix known as Consumer has some mighty fierce musical prowess to throw your way. Even though Demo 2015 is just that – a demo – there is some serious skill and raw energy on these tracks that make them worthy of your listening time.Read More →

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No Volcano Who Saved the Party?  No Volcano released their first full-length album on Saturday at The Pressroom in downtown Phoenix to quite a hefty crowd complete with a mosh pit of thrashing teens on the underage side of the barrier; a barrier that I’ve learned to appreciate more withRead More →


It’s that time of year again… Awards’ Month!! January is our time to acknowledge the artists and albums that really defined 2014 for us so get ready for the action. Don’t worry, we’ll keep posting our “Show Picks of the Week” so keep sending us those flyers! We’ll be returningRead More →

Wight Lhite Beyond the Satellites Tucson’s Wight Lhite is pretty awesome so if you haven’t yet had a chance to check them out, I suggest starting with the link to their album. It’s okay. I’ll wait… Beyond the Satellites has a mellow, psych-rock feel that I can totally get behind. From theRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor As some of you may know, I am a fan of the absurd when it comes to my hiphop musical listening pleasure. Unorthodox beats, comedic delivery, and taboo subject matter all score points with me, and creativity is the key. Here are three artists takingRead More →