As a group of folks who spend their days writing about music, we have an extra appreciation for folks who create visual art to accompany music. Today we’d like to share our favorite album covers from 2013…  The Haymarket Squares Righteous Ruckus The retro-styling of Righteous Ruckus suits the sound ofRead More →

If you still haven’t checked out Barrio Sideshow, the latest release from Phoenix’s Fayuca, do yourself a favor and check it out now. Mixing many influences and styles to create their own sound of Latin-alternative-pop-punk-rock, the album fuses languages as easily as it fuses genres. We hope this proves suggestiveRead More →

Michael Little “Driftwood” The Cordials“State of the Union” Fayuca“Marialena” Jared & the Mill“Breathe Me In” Adam Allred “Time Enough”Read More →

Fayuca Barrio Sideshow I always liked the idea of Fayuca more than I liked the music: Latin influenced punk-ska-reggae with vocals in both English and Spanish, what’s not to like right? For me, it was their delivery. It just never pulled at me. Thankfully, I can say all that hasRead More →

The lovelost “Foreign”     KONGOS “Escape” Michelle Blades “Lava Boy” Fayuca “Shoot It Up (Feat. Jason DeVore of Authority Zero)” Jonathan Sakas “Saturday” If you are an Arizona band or songwriter, send us a link to your video at yymeditors@gmail.comRead More →