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Ryan Avery joined us for our third episode of Band Basics and we talk the basics on forming a band, running a label, not sinking your money into backstock plus a whole lot more. Hosted by Mark Anderson, catch this hour long conversation with Ryan and (hopefully) learn a thing or two as they discuss a myriad of topics about being in the music business…Read More →

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Ryan Avery of Related Records is a staple of the Phoenix music scene and we are super excited that he has returned to the city after a short bout abroad (in Los Angeles). In addition to heading up the Related Records cast of oddballs, Avery is a musician and performerRead More →

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Ryan Avery of Related Records as well as the Phoenix bands Drunk & Horny and Fathers Day joined us live at the Radio Phoenix studios in the Phoenix Center for the Arts for our bimonthly installment of Rise! The complete playlist can be found below (he played some deep cuts).Read More →

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Fathers Day This band celebrated ten years together in 2014 and marked the occasion with a compilation album featuring several different local acts performing the Fathers Day classic, “Did I Use the Word Divorce?” (more on that here).  The album was fun, but no where near as much fun asRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Fathers Day has been shaking up the local scene with their unique brand of punk for, well, a whole decade now. Yes, folks, ten years of the irreverent dad rock we’ve come to know and love. The cast of characters that currently comprise the FathersRead More →

Fathers Day Life I had heard just one track, “College Fund”, from Fathers Day on a compilation from Related Records before hearing Life and I liked it very much. So I was pretty jazzed to see what else the guys had in store for my ears. On Life, the guys start off withRead More →

Local Wizards “Thorns“ Released earlier this month, “Thorns” by Local Wizards sets a mellow backdrop for the shifting of seasons happening all around us. Understated yet intriguing, “Thorns” diverges from earlier recordings and we’re digging the direction. The listener will be haunted by the line – “Do you want toRead More →

Prom Body  Creep the Strange Michael Fay, the man behind Prom Body, recorded Creep the Strange on a 4-track in his bedroom, a lo-fi musical adventure in eleven tracks. The LP opens with “Cream Theater”, establishing a sound both feisty and dissonant with a fun-loving, carefree feel that carries throughRead More →

Father’s day is this weekend and we thought we’d share a few local suggestions for Dad this year from Arizona Artisans.  _ This hand-stamped copper batman key ring from Rose Creek Too makes for a thoughtful and cost-effective token for Father’s Day.    This handmade red cedar beer tote accomodates 6-8Read More →

But Vessels – “Sexy Spiritual” Fathers Day – You’re Not Gay Trophy – “Ham” Vagabond Gods – “Sour Mash” Small Leaks Sink Ships –  MM#6Read More →