Michael Cornelius 00

by Mark Anderson Senior Editor – Michael Cornelius doesn’t need much of an introduction. Having been a founding member and bassist of the influential skatepunk band JFA, he continues his musical legacy with his current project, The Father Figures; playing intricate, post-punk, jazz-inspired chords on the guitar. Their next showRead More →

bobby lerma 00

Miss Amy Young from French Girls talks to Father Figure Bobby Lerma Amy Young Contributing Writer Father Figures’ drummer Bobby Lerma has a tendency to leave people in awe. His stick flurry often results in heads shaking and jaws dropping. Be it lightning speed or moving within a slower, melodicRead More →

No Gimmick Era of Cowards It’s certainly easy to tell No Gimmick’s influences: NOFX, Propagandhi, the Descendents. But after 17 years of playing together, it must be said that No Gimmick has done some influencing of their own. Their new EP, Era of Cowards, certainly shines bright in this eraRead More →