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(1) “Pyramids” by Burning Palms If you follow our coverage, you know we’re big supporters of Burning Palms out of Tucson. That’s because they make rad music: mysterious, mystical, ruckus. That’s how we like our rocknroll. Enjoy the video for “Pyramids” below and read more about the band in BobRead More →

KONGOS “Come With Me Now” Fairy Bones “Waiting” Laura and the Killed Men “Secrets on a Postcard” Steff and the Articles “What a Terrible Thing to Do” Bigbadwolf “Flavors” Captain Baby “Olive In the Ocean”Read More →


By Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Since exploding onto Phoenix Valley stages and just about everywhere else in Arizona including Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson, Bisbee, and quite possible a quarry in Nowhere, Arizona (still trying to confirm), Fairy Bones has left its mark on local music. Their EP, The Fairy Bones EP,Read More →

I had no idea what I expected when I first picked up Prehab’s latest album I Haven’t Been Completely Honest. Released just over a year ago, it’s not music I would generally listen to but it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. In fact, I kinda’ like it.Read More →

Fairy Bones“Anything” Captain Squeegee “Inevitable” The Haymarket Squares“Gateway Drug” The Venomous Pinks“Never Say Never” Hexs and Miranda“I Don’t Know”Read More →

Some bands start by making the bar rounds. Others write an album’s worth of songs and hit the studio first. And there are those that are out the gate at the sound of the gun and just keep running without looking back. That’s Fairy Bones. Just last week the bandRead More →

It just so happens that Bisbee is probably the coolest small town Arizona has to offer. It’s artsy and funky and adorable sorta like the woman of the hour: Anamieke Quinn. Anamieke is the force behind Sidepony and its offspring gathering, the Sidepony Express Music Festival. Two years in aRead More →

Fairy Bones “Jack (live at Studio D)” Tramps & Thieves “Jenny” Playboy Manbaby“Beer Gut” Nowhere Man & A Whiskey Girl“Down Here” Catfish Mustache“The Hunt” Small Leaks Sink Ships“Monday Minestrone #6”Read More →

Emby Alexander “Lie Down in the Ocean” Fairy Bones“Duka” Myrlin“Mixaca: Bedroom Eyes” The Wavelengths“Devil Woman” Nate Fredrick“Bon Voyage”Read More →

Just a little over a month ago we heard the first single from Fairy Bones’ first recording project as a group. Since then we’ve been counting down the days until the EP dropped. We’re thrilled that wait is finally over. The Fairy Bones EP has arrived. The 5-track EP opens withRead More →

Fairy Bones “Like Like“ Fairy Bones might have just formed earlier this year but already they’ve amassed a strident following. If you’ve seen them live you should totally understand why. Fairy Bones is fierce and much of that has to do with fiery frontwoman Chelsey Louise. She’s got some powerfulRead More →

Naked Pizza I don’t know who these people are but I know I want to hear everything they record, forever. The fast-paced, fun-loving introductory track “I’m Full of Lust (and I Want You)” is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that it has secured my fandom in under two minutes. IRead More →