shared despair

Episode 012: Shared Despair

Episode 012: Shared Despair
The Mortician's Daughter

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Let’s hit pause on this era of shared despair to try and find some humor amid the misery. A twisted humor, perhaps, but good for a laugh all the same. Even if it’s just a modest chuckle. Join us as we consider the famous last words, the occasionally mixed feelings about human calamities, and the dangers of everyday objects and events, like molasses and atomic wedgies…

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Bassist Ali Dean on Architects’ Latest Album ‘Holy Hell’ [interview]

by Jacob Unterreiner

At its height, music is a monument to emotion.

You can use words to express powerful emotions, but a sentence or two can never capture the scope of a feeling. Language alone, to some degree, is always minimizing the intensity of an emotion. Music, however, can capture how big a feeling feels–it’s a large part of the reason we make it. We say to ourselves, “My feelings are so big, that they deserve more than words, they deserve a song.”

Architects’ new album, Holy Hell, is a monument to a pain too large to simply be talked about. It is a a monument to a pain that needs to be screamed into microphones and battered into drums.

I spoke with bass player, Ali Dean, about the new album and how the band has moved forward after the death of founding member Tom Searle…

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